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These are Fan Fiction stories and art works, set in the Super Powereds world, written or drawn by parties not affiliated with the main story.

These works are not cannon, and are the creative property of the authors or illustrators who produced them (with exception to all Super Powereds and Corpies world material and characters used). They are merely hosted here.

Please note that maturity level of content may fluctuate from piece to piece, however all works here will:

1. Not feature nudity/pornography.

2. Not feature content higher than what Drew Hayes deems an R-level.

3. Be generally relevant to the works on this site.

Any writer or artist wishing to submit Fan Fiction or Art to this section may contact me at NovelistDrew@gmail.com with questions or to send in submissions.

World Background information, as well as character profiles, can be found here.

Okay, now that all the legalese and what-not is done, Enjoy!


A Dance of Shadows

Darkest Days


Masks We Wear

Second String Supers

The Devil You Know

The Rumor

Why Couldn’t You Buy A Ferrari Like Everyone Else?


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