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A Change of Pace – Chapter 49 7

Angela spent the ten minutes watching everyone else. She had multiple plans, considering multiple variables in place for today; and she just needed to see which one was going to work best. <Looks like the SUBs are teaming up,> Angela categorized the three other women under the term Anika had […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 50 14

Kyoshi cut the mental link between her and Mason. <Stupid…stupid…stupid man.> She balled her fists in anger, but couldn’t stop them from trembling. The image of a dark figure leaping from the largest building in the area was seared into her memory. Her heart had skipped a few beats before […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 52 11

<I’m missing something,> Hunter’s exasperated sigh blended with the continuous hum of the HCP library’s DVA server. <But what?>                 After his stint in Chicago, Hunter had passed up the new information he’d learned while investigating the sniper’s nest; and privately whispered to a few close friends what he really […]