The Devil You Know: Chapter 8

The police were on scene in three minutes, and an ambulance was less than ten minutes behind them. The paramedics insisted on transporting Skylar to the ER for x-rays as they sanitized the small bleeding crease in her skin the bullet caused. It was probably just a deep bruise and […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 7 1

The Masks We Wear Chapter 7: Teacher’s conference Sam walked out of combat cell 3G and started heading back toward the observation room. He wasn’t heading for the main hall where everyone would be gathering for the final announcement of rankings. Except for number one and two, it wasn’t just […]

The Rumor Chapter 6 2

The place they went was called “Kwyzowski’s Bar and Grill”, It’s claim to fame was home brewed beer and  a bar tender that could control liquids, so there was always drinks flying through the air, straight into peoples cups, which sometimes was quite the site. It was a well-known bar […]

The Rumor Chapter 7

Tonight was the big night. If Zade made it through tonight without being killed or caught he will have successfully been a vigilante for the longest time since the development of the DVA. 4 months, that’s how long the previous record holder had worked for, the weird part of that […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 8 7

The Masks We Wear Chapter 8: Everything you thought you knew is wrong “What?” shouted Sam at Professor Fletcher, forgetting himself momentarily. “How can that be, that’s always how the energy form functioned.” “No that’s always how you thought it functioned, it’s how the experts said it functioned. They were […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 9 9

The Masks We Wear Chapter 9: Casino Night “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Sam asked for the fifth time. “Not only is it a good idea,” Ray replied exactly as he had every other time, “it’s a damn necessity. If we don’t get you out there relaxing, […]