Masks We Wear: Ranking List – Freshman Year 6

Here are the rankings of Sam’s freshman class at Lander. Powers are added when they are revealed in the story, many people may come off the list as they drop out, often before powers are revealed. Remember we haven’t even gotten to the first gym class which usually knocks some out of the HCP.

I will do my best to keep this list up to date and accurate as the story continues.



Men’s Rankings

1          Sam Fink – Energy Form

2          Dexter Richardson – Energy sphere and super speed

3          Ralph Weber – Shifter, Tentacle Creature

4          Marvin Brewer – Kinetic Absorber

5          Tony Graves – Creates smoke and duplicates within the smoke which he shifts among

6          Clay Newton

7          Ray Rios – Shape shifter

8          Manny Sullivan

9          Dan Sutton – Shoots tar-like spheres

10        Terrance Barber

11        Al Stanley

12        Guillermo French

13        Leo Mack – Super strength and durability

14        Marc Simmons

15        Doug Holt

16        Dennis Ford

17        Ted Greer

18        Joshua Patton

19        Jared Hall

20        Garrett Rogers

21        Tommy Moody

22        John Davis

23        Nate Anderson

24        Keith Chandler


Women’s Rankings

1          Kerry Powell

2          Natasha Hill

3          Kellie Hart

4          Gloria Mason

5          Pam Sparks

6          Melanie Franklin

7          Dixie Marsh

8          Christina Nash

9          Jacqueline Ramos – Intangibility

10        Jorgie Long

11        Victoria Snyder

12        Jenny Parsons

13        Sylvia Warren

14        Bethany Schultz

15        June Bishop

16        Lori Wilkerson

17        Annette Garner

18        Grace Mann

19        Candace Vaughn

20        Kim Nash

21        Sue Fisher

22        Lucy Hines

23        Crystal Butler

24        Tracy Webster

25        Patsy Banks

26        Gwynne Summers

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6 thoughts on “Masks We Wear: Ranking List – Freshman Year

  • user x

    I’m guessing that Leo has another part to his powers unknown to him yet:or hes got no chance…
    Dexter i really look forward to in the future. I’m interested how his power works. GIMME THE DETAILS.
    and ralph… i’m sorry but i just cant see him as a hero. Just take a sec to think about it… He can become a monster that inspires fear into even Badass Fighters like Sam who are used to fights. I hope he can overcome that obstacle though.
    A kinetic absorber. Well… id rather not have any more kinetic absorbers.
    i also see potential in Dan. but i dont like him. He reminds me of Michael from SuperPowereds book 1.
    Im also curious about kerry’s abilites. 2 things i want. 1) her to be overpowered 2) i want her to beat sam up. 😀

    • MDS Post author

      Thanks for the comments. I’ll give a bit of a reply:

      Leo – You will have to see what the future brings, Drew has discussed the issues of strongmen at length previously

      Dexter – He has a very different power than we have seen before, you will learn more about him as the story continues.

      Ralph – He’s another different type who you will learn more of in the future

      Marvin – He is a kinetic absorber… I didn’t say he did it like Vince does.

      Dan – Definitely has some issues, not every character is likable though I’m sure some people like him

      Kerry – Since she joined Sam’s training group you will be seeing more of her relatively soon. She did just place first in the HCP which puts her up there with Mary, Angela, Aimes (from SSS), etc. I don’t think there is a single first place student who isn’t pretty overpowered. As to how she will do against Sam… only the future will say.

  • Thia

    Been checking in periodically and am bemoaning the lack of an update with this…any chance of some new chapters anytime soon? I’m already enjoying the layout of the story and would LOVE to see where it goes!

    • MDS Post author

      Yes I owe two chapters I think. I have had 2 months of insanity at work which is soon coming to a close. I finish my big stint this Sunday then need to play some catch up. I am going away soon after and will be bringing my laptop to write and have my evenings pretty much completely free for about a week. I plan to get a bunch of writing done then both for Masks and for Darkest Days.

      • davii

        Hi, I was really enjoying this, have been checking for updates since your last chapter came out, will there be any more? Would like to keep up with this story and see where it goes.

        • MDS Post author

          I am planning to continue both this story and Darkest Days, its just that my work/family life has been insanely busy for the last several months. It seems like maybe its starting to calm down and I actually got a bit written on the next chapter for this over last weekend. With luck I can get back to it at least in part over the next few weeks.