The Rumor Chapter 4

He wasn’t sure it was smart but he decided to try his first patrol. He had bought some black sweatpants and sweatshirt and a bandanna which fit his stealthy costume needs for now. And as he sat on a rooftop keenly aware of every sound within the range of his hearing so when he heard a scream he was on his way to help almost instantly he made it there just in time to help a young woman who was being surrounded by a large man and pushed into a corner. He had thought through a situation like this and so he was ready for action.

He silently leapt down and hid behind a dumpster. From there he made a brick appear to trip the man, as the man stumbled he made another brick appear above his head which knocked the man unconscious and gave the woman a chance to run away. He felt good about his work and the rest of the night went without any other crimes for him to help with. At least none that he noticed.

The next day Zade began his search for a job, careful to keep his ears open for any gossip about his adventure last night, he spent most of the day passing out the half honest resumes of his assumed identity, not many of his Job applications left him with high hopes. Although, as he entered a mini mart he did overhear something that piqued his interest.

“Ya she’s pretty shaken up, who knows what that guy would have done to her. She got really lucky” said a woman.

“Mmhmmm,” said her friend, “I think it’s a little too  coincidental the guy trips and then a brick falls from the building and hits him. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad she’s okay but that almost seems like more than luck.”

What are you suggesting?”

“I don’t know I just mean maybe someone was helping her.”

“Like who? if it was a hero, they would have taken credit  for it, those guys  love the attention, same goes for police. If it had been a local kid or something they would have likely wanted something for what they did. Even if it were vigilante someone would have seen something and the feds would be publicizing his arrest right now. So basically it has to be either a guardian angel or luck.”

“I guess you’re right. Although nothing is impossible in our world.”

“That’s for sure”

At this point he realized that he was being a dreadfully obvious eavesdropper so he continued on his way happy to know that there was no suspicion of his activities.

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