The Rumor Chapter 5

Over the next few months Zade was able to find both an apartment, more of renting a room in someone’s basement actually, and a job that paid fairly unloading ships of their cargo. He into a rhythm with his vigilant activities as well always making it appear that people had just gotten lucky. It all seemed to be going well for him the only things he had to complain about. Were a lack of a social life, and a coworker who continuously tried to make him have one.

“Hey, Hey! Zade, what are you doing tonight? You want to go to the bar with me and some of my friends? It’ll be fun, it’s a bar that lots of supers go to and sometimes even heroes, so there’s people doing some cool stuff there. So you want to go?”  Said his coworker in a single breath.

Ryan was a fellow worker, he was far too eager for his own good, and had been trying to be friends with Zade for his entire time working at the docks, out of some sort of pity as far as Zade could tell.  He seemed to have endless endurance when it came to bothering Zade. His energy was equally endless, it was as though he had the world’s worst case of ADHD.  Zade wasn’t sure whether or not he could handle becoming friends with him or not but with how busy his schedule was between his vigilante activities and work, he was fairly certain he wouldn’t have time to make new friends.

“Not this time, bud” he replied.

“You say that every time. You don’t socialize with anyone… ever. This time I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Oh crap, thought Zade. How do I get out of this one? Zade came up with nothing so he decided to give in and go with him. Maybe once won’t hurt. “I guess I have no choice then. Count me in.”

Ryan’s emotions were worn right on his sleeve, it was very obvious how excited he was. “Great, let’s go, I can’t wait to see this place”

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