The Rumor Chapter 4

He wasn’t sure it was smart but he decided to try his first patrol. He had bought some black sweatpants and sweatshirt and a bandanna which fit his stealthy costume needs for now. And as he sat on a rooftop keenly aware of every sound within the range of his […]

The Rumor Chapter 5

Over the next few months Zade was able to find both an apartment, more of renting a room in someone’s basement actually, and a job that paid fairly unloading ships of their cargo. He into a rhythm with his vigilant activities as well always making it appear that people had […]

The Rumor Chapter 6 2

The place they went was called “Kwyzowski’s Bar and Grill”, It’s claim to fame was home brewed beer and  a bar tender that could control liquids, so there was always drinks flying through the air, straight into peoples cups, which sometimes was quite the site. It was a well-known bar […]

The Rumor Chapter 7

Tonight was the big night. If Zade made it through tonight without being killed or caught he will have successfully been a vigilante for the longest time since the development of the DVA. 4 months, that’s how long the previous record holder had worked for, the weird part of that […]