The Rumor Chapter 8 1

Zade woke up to his alarm clock way more tired than he would have liked, the close call the night before had made it so that his alarm went off in the middle of a sleep cycle but he quickly got up anyways and got ready for work. He got to work on time though and it looked he quickly got lost in the monotony of moving boxes to and from trucks.

When time for their lunch break came Zade saw Ryan sitting out on the curb with a lunch box unopened beside him talking to Julia. Zade walked up to the two to join them. “I thought the office people had lunch at a different time than us apes in the garage.” He asked Julia.

“We do, I am just taking a short break and so I thought I’d listen to Ryan’s thoughts on the super sleepwalker that was on the news this morning. Zade perked up to hear what had been said, he never listened to the morning news because he woke up with only a couple of minutes to get out the door and on his way to work. “He says this time seems a little different than the ones that Nightwatch was famous for before cause this time it ended in a battle and even reputable news organizations are reporting on it, before supposedly it was just tabloids.

“Ya that’s interesting who was the villain he fought?” Zade asked, encouraging them to continue.

“They aren’t sure because he can’t remember very much and all that they found in the alleyway he pointed them towards was some charred plants. That actually kinda worries me because wasn’t there a plant based super at the super bar we’ve been going to?” Ryan said.

“ you , know what I think you’re right I hope that wasn’t him who got  toasted cause from what the DVA has released from Nightwatch’s account it sounds like the fight was reactionary  he’s not sure what provoked the whole thing.”

“I guess we’ll know tomorrow night when we go to the bar.” Ryan said.

“You’ve got to be kidding, right?” Zade said, concerned. “If that guy was there then there is probably some sketch stuff going on there.”

“Of course we’re still going, assuming it was him he was probably just there trying to figure out how to spy on some heroes. Everyone we met there was really cool the whole place couldn’t have been dirty… plus where else are we going to find a bartender who can float our drinks through the air into our cups. That was so cool!”

Zade couldn’t believe how dense this guy was he decided this time he would definitely go in case there was some trouble afoot.

“Well I’ve got to go see you guys later.” Julia said. Maybe Zade was just imagining it but it seemed like her eyes lingered on him a little longer than was normal before she turned and walked off.

After she left, Zade turned to Ryan. “Do you really not see any danger in going back to that place if there might be people that are getting blown up by heroes there?”

“Its not that I don’t see any danger at all its just I don’t see anything that’s a big deal. I think that life should be lived to the fullest. I’ve never encountered a situation that I haven’t made it out of okay.” Zade could tell that he wouldn’t be convincing Ryan to avoid that bar anytime soon so he decided to let it be for now.

‘It’ll be interesting to see what else happens with Nightwatch sleepwalking. The times it’s happened before it has happened in clusters, assuming the tabloids were accurate before, so we should have some other stories about it in coming weeks.”  Zade nodded as he pulled out his squished PB&J from his pocket and rushed to eat it before their lunch was over.

The Rumor Chapter 7

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One thought on “The Rumor Chapter 8

  • Ellert

    Intriguing story. I have a soft spot in my heart for the kind of idealistic heroes Zade seems to be on of. I’m interested in the kind of fallout this will cause for him in the long run. As you have stated repeatedly vigilantes normally don’t last long. Therefor sooner or later even with him triing his best something bad will happen.
    But for the moment I’m looking forward to him going to the bar again knowing full well it’s a bad idea.

    Some typos:
    how knows where
    trying to take decide where to start his super career. After several almost an hour
    trying to decide either several hours or almost an hour
    who was being surrounded by a large man
    Thats cool his first fight being against another super;) Maybe I missed something and it were several men or I’m just not creative enough to imagine one guy surrounding anyone
    if it were vigilante someone
    He into a rhythm
    He fell
    It all seemed to be going well for him the only things he had to complain about. Were a lack of a social life, and a coworker who continuously tried to make him have one.
    These two sentences just sound weird to me. I know short sentences are preferable but in this case I’d have made it one.
    quite the site.
    While Oscar is a powered who breathes fire sometimes and then Julia can understand animals.
    Can you do that? Well, Oscar would sound better to me
    it paid off to follow the participants afterword.
    one of people
    one of the people
    sliced Mr. Greene’s attacking arm right of
    While impressive to do I think its off
    “ you , know what
    Since its the beginning of the sentence shouldn’t it be You?

    I’m looking forward to the next Chapter and hope writing them gives you as much fun as I had reading them