The Rumor Chapter 1

Leaving the HCP was very hard. Growing up alone, all Zade had ever wanted was to be a superhero. Everything about it use to seem like it was perfect for him. The bullying in the orphanage had always instilled a superhero complex in him, when he saw someone in need […]

The Rumor Chapter 2

It didn’t take long for Zade to find out that Leaving without notice from something like the HCP left you with some people who wanted to talk to you. When his boat landed in in California he headed straight to Lander University to reapply for their HCP. It felt all […]

The Rumor Chapter 3

Zade wasn’t the first person to ever try to be a masked super hero without a government certification. But that information just made him more wary of what he would need to do to succeed. Vigilantes never lasted long. In fact no one in the history of American Supers no […]

The Rumor Chapter 4

He wasn’t sure it was smart but he decided to try his first patrol. He had bought some black sweatpants and sweatshirt and a bandanna which fit his stealthy costume needs for now. And as he sat on a rooftop keenly aware of every sound within the range of his […]

The Rumor Chapter 5

Over the next few months Zade was able to find both an apartment, more of renting a room in someone’s basement actually, and a job that paid fairly unloading ships of their cargo. He into a rhythm with his vigilant activities as well always making it appear that people had […]

The Rumor Chapter 6 2

The place they went was called “Kwyzowski’s Bar and Grill”, It’s claim to fame was home brewed beer and  a bar tender that could control liquids, so there was always drinks flying through the air, straight into peoples cups, which sometimes was quite the site. It was a well-known bar […]

The Rumor Chapter 7

Tonight was the big night. If Zade made it through tonight without being killed or caught he will have successfully been a vigilante for the longest time since the development of the DVA. 4 months, that’s how long the previous record holder had worked for, the weird part of that […]