The Rumor Chapter 1

Leaving the HCP was very hard. Growing up alone, all Zade had ever wanted was to be a superhero. Everything about it use to seem like it was perfect for him. The bullying in the orphanage had always instilled a superhero complex in him, when he saw someone in need of help he just couldn’t help himself. He had also always wanted the admiration and love that it seemed like everyone felt for the legion of government owned supers. His opinions had changed while he was in the HCP. His eyes had been opened to the politics of the world of heroes. And he didn’t approve.

There was far too much of the “heroes” turning and doing deplorable things. Far too much of heroes who “cared about the people” getting in each other’s way for the sake of fame and publicity. Far too much of heroes who were only doing what they were doing because they wanted to show the world how powerful they were. That wasn’t what he had signed up for, and heroes weren’t who he had grown up imagining them to be, so his solution was to leave that world behind.

It had been 2 years since he had made that difficult decision and he had spent his time since then backpacking the world learning his own unique fighting style by learning mostly from experience as he started several bar fights per week. But he also stopped to to learn from masters in many of the places he traveled to. The life of a traveler had also taught him much about the arts of hiding and escaping when people are after you, I mean he had to survive with a zero income. But all that was about to change. He was currently in New Zealand and his heart was broken he had fallen for a girl, problems in his travels always seemed to revolve around girls, but this one was different he’d let himself stay in one place too long and grown too attached, in the end she had left him because she said she couldn’t be with someone who refused to progress with their life, who wouldn’t act on what they believed in.

So here he was on a boat back to the good old u s of a. but what he’d do when he got there… of that he had no idea.

The Rumor Chapter 2

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