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A Calculated Response: Prologue

Prologue: 18.5 minutes “I’m a busy man,” came the voice from inside the room, “Come in and close the door behind you.” A well-built man in a plainly cut suit carrying a briefcase and wearing a badge with his picture on it entered the large office. He had paused for […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Meredith Falls Every generation experiences moments so powerful they’re etched on their souls.  Moments remembered with clarity so sharp that tears come to their eyes when they think about it even years later.  Your grandparents can describe every single detail about where they were and what they were […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Sign me up “Attention,” came the crack of Commander Rollins’ voice as he entered the room in his sharply pressed blue uniform. Their entire group had been milling about the room socializing; they expected some warning of his arrival. Though surprised at the command, they started to shuffle […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Far From Noble “It has been forty-eight hours from the best estimate of the initial attack on Meredith Falls,” the haggard looking reporter addressed the camera. “At this time, we not only are confident it was an attack but one group has now claimed credit for it. We […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The world is changing The room would be considered large by normal standards. It was however, crowded with men wedged in several sofas surrounding a ninety inch plasma screen mounted on the wall. Given how little space there was you would have expected a dozen or more people […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Behind Closed Doors A man in a suit walked into the vault-like room and pressed a button set next to the door. A laser from within the button scanned his finger prints while cameras and other devices recessed into the walls analyzed him in multiple other ways. “Sealing […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Recruitment strategies Cindy sniffed the air, the scent was the clean fresh smell of pine, the breeze was cool and crisp this high in the mountains. The sun was setting and red light stretched across the open space between the tree line and the log cabin built up […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Medical matters A nurse escorted Daryl down the clinic hallway. On both sides he passed exam rooms some with doors closed and charts outside, others with open doors showing examining tables and various bits of a physician’s tools of the trade. At the end of the hall she […]

A Calculated Response: Chapter 8

 Chapter 8: Off the bus Mickey was feeling a bit car sick, or perhaps a bit bus sick was more accurate. He sat in the fourth row of a beat up bus heading toward the start of his training in Force Ops. There were over twenty others on the bus […]

Platoon Guide

Members of the US Army Force Ops Bravo Tango Training Brigade,  1st Platoon Platoon Guide Victoria Raines, “Precise” – Can detect and exploit weaknesses, she detects and eliminates weaknesses in her body as well. (** denotes squad leader) Squad 1 **Danny Blake, “Grifter” – Has the voice of persuasion. Sunny Adams, “3.0 […]