Platoon Guide

Members of the US Army Force Ops Bravo Tango Training Brigade,  1st Platoon

Platoon Guide
Victoria Raines, “Precise” – Can detect and exploit weaknesses, she detects and eliminates weaknesses in her body as well.

(** denotes squad leader)

Squad 1
**Danny Blake, “Grifter” – Has the voice of persuasion.
Sunny Adams, “3.0 Silk” – Healer (Stitch), can perform surgery via their power.
Jackson Aimes, “Three of Me” – Creates three invisible energy duplicates of himself who can act independently.
Erik Allen, “Swamp” – Shifter, turns into a mud man and the area around him becomes an expanding swamp as long as he is shifted.
Adam Baker, “Hotshot” – Healer (Pharmacopeia), Synthesizes biologically active chemical compounds and can deliver them by touch.
Marc Bloom, “Can Do” – Powered, his body subconsciously follows any properly given order which it can physically carry out.
Brian Bowman, “Prism” – Shifter, becomes a crystalline figure who can focus light into lasers.
Ronald Boyd, “Flatworm” – Healer (Regenerator), very powerful, can regrow limbs and organs.
Donna Bristow, “Mata Hari” – Powered, projects the image she expects others to want, most of the time this equates to pure sex appeal.
Archie Burke, “Wire” – Creates wires which he can charge with bioelectrical or bioluminescent energy.
Sidney (Sid) Carlson, “Cutter” – Creates planes of force which can cut through steel.
Frank Cho, “Codex” – Information gatherer and mnemonic librarian. Understands all languages, can break most codes.
Ralph (Rafe) Clarke, “Riot” – Super strength and durability.
Dominic Collier, “Tremor” – Creates focused tectonic shockwaves.
Wayne Dean, “Tantrum” – Super strength and durability.

Squad 2
**Cameron (Cam) Burgess, “Kiai” – Extreme focused super strength and durability for seconds at a time.
Murphy Collins, “SteamPunk” – Shifter, becomes a steam powered construct.
Sarah Crow, “Scar” – Powered, imperfect healer and self-healer, her power leaves behind terrible scaring.
Tom Crow, “Chitin” – Powered, extreme imperfect self-healing which causes nearly indestructible keloids to form, super strong and durable.
Darrin Daniels, “Windsprint” – Super speed with traction and inertia control.
Daryl Elliott, “Focus” – Enhancer, does not increase power but increases control over the power.
Heather Fines, “Untouchable” – Powered, Advanced mind, extreme self-protective telekinesis, minor telepathic sensing.
Sam Fox (Fox), “Tempo” – Can increase or decrease others speed via music.
Henry Franks, “Splint” – Healer (Patch), can preserve and prolong life but not actually heal.
Andy Garcia, “There” – Quantumly entangled with his brother Fred, minds run in parallel, can teleport to each other or switch places instantly, share damage between them, physically enhanced.
Fred Garcia, “Here” – Quantumly entangled with his brother Andy, minds run in parallel, can teleport to each other or switch places instantly, share damage between them, mentally enhanced.
David Gill, “Subtext” – Advanced mind, empathy and telempath
Alan Goodman, “E-racer” – Powered, charged with electricity, can use it to shock by touch, enhances his nerves and muscles to all him to move at super speed.
Jennifer Grant, “Doubletime” – Strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time are two or three times human maximum. In addition she only needs to see an action once to be able to duplicate it.
Raymond (Ray) Guzman, “Echo” – Can memorize and duplicate actions, sounds, and images with short term photographic memory and reflexes.

Squad 3
**Elaine Hargrove, “Wrath” – Physically enhanced with adaptive reflexes.
Jan Hansen, “Acme” – Shifter and summoner. The shift is controlled, the summoning is not. He becomes a living cartoon character with attributes reflective of the particular character and the indestructibility associated with such characters. The summoned creatures and objects are all small cartoons but he has no control over what he summons or what they do.
Kensington (Ken) Howell, “Minimal” – Advanced mind, telekinetic only, very low level
Terrence (Terry) Hubbard, “Tiny” – Super strength and durability, physically very large
Sam Jacobs, “Thug” – Super strength and durability
Gregg Kelly, “League” – Six different power sets which function one at a time, each set is controlled but no control over which set is active at any given time.
Bill King. “Wall” – When standing still immovable, super strong, and indestructable
Douglas King, “Bonded” – Advanced mind, very long range telepath but needs to establish a link first, once established no limit on range
Tim Lambert, “Third Law” – Force controller
Sandra Levin, “Overwhelm” – Becomes more powerful the more opponents she faces
Cesar Lowe, “Slate” – Shifter, stone form, super strong and durable, can merge with earth and stone
Max Malone, “Muscle” – Super strength and durability, able to control the tensile strength and recoil of his body, no pain sensation, minor self-regeneration
Matt Mason, “Evac” – Mid range, large scale, teleporter. Can only send people away from him. He cannot teleport himself.
Kristopher McKenzie, “Planar” – Can redirect the force of gravity.
Philip Miller, “Horror” – Shifter, becomes his opponents greatest fear

Squad 4
**Michael (Mickey) Hynes, “Bullet” – Powered but has a gun which controls and limits his power. Creates matter and energy, the gun allows him to create bullets at will.
Benjamin Moore, “Plateau” – Diminishes energy within a wide zone around him
Raina Moss, “Menhit” – Physically enhanced, high level super strength, agility, durability, also appears to have an intuitive grasp of single combat tactics.
Tina Mossette, “Wormhole” – Creates small tunnels in space connecting two points within line of sight.
Frankie Ormond, “Deadzone” – Completely negates transmitted energy surrounding himself or in a targeted area.
Vanessa Oxbow, “Vox” – Technopath with significantly altered physiology
Curtis (Curt) Pierce, “Clockwise” – Advanced mind, limited telekinetic, can only make things spin in place.
Debbie Preston, “Alter” – Can use paint to alter inanimate objects
Peter Raines, “Escher” – Folds and warps space in a wide area, uses this to teleport
Don Rawley, “Sensorium” – Full sensory awareness and processing
Alfred (Al) Reeves, “Blockade” – Advanced mind, limited telekinetic, can only stop movement
Lucas (Luke) Romney, “Guerra” – Power thief and mimic
Brad Rose, “Bashful” – Powered, turns invisible when nervous
Michael Ross,     “Madness” – Manifests hallucinations as semi-physical entities, projects images
Darnell Rowe, “Fulcrum” – Highly specific ability to warp space

Squad 5
**Kenny York, “Iconic” – Super strength, durability, flight, appears to be able to break the laws of physics
Brendon Samuels, “Biotech” – Can read and alter genetic material
Evan Snyder, “EMT” – Healer (Patch), can extend and preserve life but not actually heal damage
Jeremy Soto, “Bodybag” – Healer (Preserver), can place people he is in contact with into a stasis where damage no longer affects them.
Melanie Thomson, “Feather” – Can decrease her or a target’s weight and inertia
Jimmy Underwood, “Outside” – Summoner, claims to see parallel dimensions and call forth beings from those dimensions.
Edgar van Deme, “MMO” – Creates duplicates of himself along active internet connections only.
Cedric Vega, “Pyroclast” – Powered, high level pyrokinetic, always on fire.
Lyle Wagner, “Thief” – Short range point to point teleporter, does not have to see the item or person he is moving when he does it.
Marlon Walsh, “Stomp” – Super strength and durability.
Walter Warren    , “Goon” – Super strength and durability.
Raul Weaver, “Heavy” – Super strong and dense.
Dave Wilkinson, “Reciprocate” – Absorbs damage and can rapidly return it at about 250% of what hit him.
Billy Williams, “Pockets” – Can open and store items in small extra-dimensional spaces.
Rudy Zimmerman, “Silica” – Elemental controller, controls dust, sand, and glass.

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