The Rumor Chapter 2

It didn’t take long for Zade to find out that Leaving without notice from something like the HCP left you with some people who wanted to talk to you.

When his boat landed in in California he headed straight to Lander University to reapply for their HCP. It felt all to familiar as he walked to the school office building to figure out what he needed to do.

“Hello welcome to the HCP affairs office, how can I help you today” the attendant asked.

“Hi, um my name is Zade Ashby and I am here to reapply for the HCP”

“Oh you’ve applied before? Let me just pull up your file” she replied. As she did her face shifted ever so slightly and she said, “Hold on one moment we are having some technical difficulties, I’ll be right back. Zade waited in the office for a few moments before she returned with several security guards.

“Son, I’m going to have to ask you to come with us” said the security officer in front

“Okay, but may I ask why”

“We need to take you to see the Dean. You’re overdue for a memory wipe”

All of the negative emotions that had caused him to leave in the first place came flooding back. The system was just wrong. They can’t just wipe his memory. What did he ever do to deserve that? His face remained calm as he began walking with the guards, but his mind went into escape mode, he’d gotten very good at escaping the authorities over the past two years wandering the globe. After they left the building they began approaching what Zade knew was the lifts down to the complex underground compound that housed the Lander HCP, he had to escape before they got in the lifts, after that escape would become far more difficult. So he made it happen. All the sudden both of the guards that were holding on to his arms and escorting him away simultaneously tripped on rocks that hadn’t been there  a moment prior. Zade took this opportunity to turn the other way and book was obvious that he was faster than the guards and was quickly able to  get far enough away that he could disappear into a crowd and lose them for good.

That night as he lay reflecting on the day’s events he realized that that he had gotten very lucky in that escape. This was the last straw for him though, he wasn’t going to play the games that the world of registered heroes had to play. He was no longer interested in being one of the government’s super powered dogs. He still wanted to help people but he was going to do things his way.

Professor Pendelton solemnly entered Dean Blaine’s office. “I take it you’ve already heard about what happened with security?”

“Yes” the dean replied, “and I fear he only ran because it was approached wrong. He is a good kid and a powerful super, how knows where he has been or where he’ll go now.”

“He was here before I started teaching here so would you mind sharing exactly what he can do?” the professor asked.

“Well I don’t know that we ever saw the full extent of his powers but he has the ability to, as he would say, ‘summon’ objects and creatures from anywhere to himself, he teleported all sorts of things like terrain and weapons. I never saw it but he claimed that he had teleported an animal to himself once. He could make them come to within I think 6 or 7 feet of himself. “

“Sounds like a pretty versatile ability. Why did he leave?”

“From what we could gather after he left, it was because he was disappointed in superheroes, they weren’t what he was expecting. his opinions caused him to, shall we say act out a little as well”

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