The Rumor Chapter 3

Zade wasn’t the first person to ever try to be a masked super hero without a government certification. But that information just made him more wary of what he would need to do to succeed. Vigilantes never lasted long. In fact no one in the history of American Supers no vigilante had lasted more than a couple of months before being either killed or sent to jail. As a vigilante you had to fight not only the villains of the world but you also had to deal with the veritable army of heroes who would be trying to apprehend you, and you did all of this with without the training or experience that the registered heroes operated with.

But he was going to do it anyway. And he was determined to succeed. “All right” he told himself, “if I am going to do this, I will need a costume and probably to start an alter ego life to fund all of this, actually let’s start by picking a city to operate out of. He sat at the public library computer and looked at pictures of city after city, trying to take decide where to start his super career. After several almost an hour of internal deliberation he finally decided on DC, if he wanted to make a point about what super heroes are really supposed to do then he decided to do it where it would hit home the most.

He decided he would figure out the rest on the way and went off to find a train he could stow away on to start his trip to he traveled his thoughts continued to plan for his difficult task. “Okay so I’ll call myself the summoned, no that’s been taken. Hmm maybe the …” just then he got a dark realization, if he is to do this he can’t have the amazing life of bright colors and public credit that heroes experience, he would need to be invisible people could never really be sure that he had even rescued them. “Alright, no one has ever succeeded at this, so I think if I am going to, i need to bring a whole new definition to anonymity. I guess that means it would be useless for me to get a name for myself since I won’t ever get a chance to tell anyone what it is” he then decided he would operate out of the shadows his uniform would be basically just a ninja costume. He couldn’t be seen or he would fail he would have to be completely anonymous.

Several train jumps later he finally arrived at DC. “All right first off, I guess I need to find a new name and identity for myself. He traveled to the Southeast part of the City and quickly found that the underworld flourishes there so it didn’t take long for him to find someone who would do it for him and soon he had a new identity that would fit all of his requirements.

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