The Rumor Chapter 6 2

The place they went was called “Kwyzowski’s Bar and Grill”, It’s claim to fame was home brewed beer and  a bar tender that could control liquids, so there was always drinks flying through the air, straight into peoples cups, which sometimes was quite the site. It was a well-known bar for supers to hang out so Zade, Ryan, and a few other of Ryan’s friends were getting some dirty looks for being unfamiliar faces. Of course to someone like Ryan this went completely unnoticed as he was his normal exuberant self, aweing at the cool things in the bar.  Zade on the other hand was well aware of all of the dirty looks and glances that were being sent their way and was definitely on edge because of it. But nonetheless the establishment still treated them like customers and seated them.

“By the way everyone this is Zade,” said Ryan “he is my coworker and just moved here from Alaska” this wasn’t completely untrue, he had spent a little time in Alaska during his 2 year sojourn.

“And Zade this is Julia and Oscar.”  Zade nodded hello. A part of Zade definitely wanted to get to know Julia better, but he repressed that for now because a couple people who had been playing pool were heading towards their table. One was a shifter who was currently some sort of man-plant hybrid person and the other looked like some sort of strongman from what Zade could tell.

The rest of his group didn’t recognize the approaching supers until right before they got to the table. “Hey jimmy,” said the strongman, “you know these new guys”

“No, I don’t know em,” he turned his attention to the group. “Well, you going to introduce yourselves?… you know what I’ll start, they call me Green, and this is Jimmy and we are with the local… shall we call it a welcoming committee”

Zade could tell that these guys were trouble. Ryan on the other hand was extremely naive and took these guys completely at their word. His face shown with excitement at meeting Supers as he said, “Hi, well my name is Ryan, this is Oscar, this is Julia and that one is Zade, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Jimmy got a mocking smile on his face as he said, “so this is a Bar for supers do you fit in?”

Again Ryan eagerly answered, not realizing how stupid it was to do so, “While Oscar is a powered who breathes fire sometimes and then Julia can understand animals.” His face got just a little sadder as he said, “I can’t do anything special and I don’t know about Zade cause he’s new to our group.”

Man this guy is dense why is he telling them this? Zade thought as Green and Jimmy turned and looked at him. “Sorry,” Zade said. “I’m really good at HALO but I don’t think that counts as a super power.”

“Darn I thought you were either a super or a powered. I guess I’m allowed to be wrong every once in a while” Ryan mumbled under his breath. Zade took note of this comment as he found it interesting.

“Talking to animals eh?” the two seemed to have absolutely no interest in anyone except Julia now. “Can you make them do anything or just listen to them?”

She looked at Ryan quickly before answering, “well it’s like talking to people some of them are cooperative to requests and others are not. I find there are more who are helpful than there are who aren’t.”

“So that’s a yes” green said. He then glanced at a back room and said,  “well we have a business meeting we need to attend to but we hope to see you here again and continue this conversation.” They then headed off to the back room where green went in, and jimmy stood outside the door to bar anyone else’s entrance.

“Well they were friendly,” Ryan said and they want to see us here again.” Ryan obviously didn’t realize that they were only talking to Julia.

The rest of the night went well. Zade started really having a thing for Julia by the end of it.  He was surprised at how happy he was that he went with them even though, he still found Green and Jimmy’s actions mildly disconcerting but he pushed it to the back of his mind for now.

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