Masks We Wear

Masks We Wear: Chapter 1

Welcome to the second storyline I have set in Drew’s Super Powereds Universe. This one is based around one of the characters I created in Darkest Days who wasn’t joining up with Force Ops who I found I really liked and wanted to write more about. Like Chad, the author […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Not quite the cage Sam waited in a small vestibule for the door to open and admit him to the combat cell for the first ranking match. He didn’t have long to wait before three separate locks disengaged and the steel door swung outward into the cell. Sam […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Can’t smash everything Returning to the observation room, Sam looked at the displays that were set up listing finished and current matches. The first round hadn’t quite ended, there were still two active men’s combats and one active women’s combat. Whoever Al Stanley and Ralph Webber were, their […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 4 1

The Masks We Wear Chapter 4: Laughing in the face of combat Once again Sam returned to the observation room, this time Ray walked right up to him as himself. There were only two other men standing in the room. Those who lost a fight and were conscious were in […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 5 1

The Masks We Wear Chapter 5: Smoke and mirrors Sam arrived in yet another one of the identical vestibules and again wondered just how many combat cells the HCP had. No sooner had he stepped inside that the locks disengaged and the door swung open into the cell. Sam stepped […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 6 7

The Masks We Wear Chapter 6: Last Call Sam didn’t have time to go back to the observation room before his next match. When the impromptu trial was over, Dean Blaine instructed him to report to combat cell 3H for his next match. As with his second match, the locks […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 7 1

The Masks We Wear Chapter 7: Teacher’s conference Sam walked out of combat cell 3G and started heading back toward the observation room. He wasn’t heading for the main hall where everyone would be gathering for the final announcement of rankings. Except for number one and two, it wasn’t just […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 8 7

The Masks We Wear Chapter 8: Everything you thought you knew is wrong “What?” shouted Sam at Professor Fletcher, forgetting himself momentarily. “How can that be, that’s always how the energy form functioned.” “No that’s always how you thought it functioned, it’s how the experts said it functioned. They were […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 9 9

The Masks We Wear Chapter 9: Casino Night “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Sam asked for the fifth time. “Not only is it a good idea,” Ray replied exactly as he had every other time, “it’s a damn necessity. If we don’t get you out there relaxing, […]