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A Calculated Response: Chapter 9 10

Chapter 9: Conversations, Flashbacks, and Subtext The newly minted Brigadier General A.W. Wright, Tony to his friends and Steadfast to those he climbed the ranks of Force Ops with, looked out from the reviewing stand at the first platoon of his new command. His Command Sergeant Major had just had […]

Masks We Wear: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Can’t smash everything Returning to the observation room, Sam looked at the displays that were set up listing finished and current matches. The first round hadn’t quite ended, there were still two active men’s combats and one active women’s combat. Whoever Al Stanley and Ralph Webber were, their […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 34 8

Amara shuddered in Finn’s arm as climax took her.  Literally three breaths later and he was overcome as well.  As ways to wake up went, he’d never found better. The beautiful brunette slumped in his embrace, draping herself over Finn’s broad chest and basking in the early dawn light.  Other […]