The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know: Chapter 1

Darius Walker rode into town looking for short term labor or construction work, as the bills in his wallet were depressingly low. The rumor was that Lander’s HCP had a disturbingly energetic bunch of young supers and anywhere energetic, young, and super collided things were bound to need fixing. But […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 2

Skylar O’shaughnessy was currently hesitating. It was a situation the Boston native, and daughter of a tough street smart beat cop, had never found herself in before. The youngest of five and the only girl among them, Skylar had learned to be tougher than her older brothers even before the […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 3

Thomas Coal watched the altercation from the shadows. Well, to be more accurate, as part of the shadows. He thought about intervening but he wasn’t even supposed to be on campus here yet. He couldn’t even apply to the HCP for another two years. He didn’t think that was fair, […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 4

His phone chirped a notification, he slid his thumb over the screen, then pulled the notification slider down. Tapping on the notification opened a forum ostensible dedicated to an online version of table top gaming. The message was in code and read, White queen has taken the field to join […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 5

Back in Texas, Thomas was tapping his foot on the Galveston seawall impatiently. He wanted to get back to California and find a way to warn the redhead and that cool guy that someone followed them from the bar. That he looked ok but something didn’t sit right with the […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 6

Skylar always showed up for her shifts at Crazy Eddy’s Wings and Waffle Emporium right on time, plus but more usually minus five or ten minutes. The job at the eccentric diner wasn’t as glamorous as supper with supers, but it had it’s moments. She’d actually applied to the restaurant, […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 7

Angela rode through town with her heavy leather jacket off. Yes the bikini top drew eyes, but the sun just felt too good to cover up. She could understand why Lady Godiva would do what she did if the sun felt like this to her. Not that Dawn Evangelina Walker, […]

The Devil You Know: Chapter 8

The police were on scene in three minutes, and an ambulance was less than ten minutes behind them. The paramedics insisted on transporting Skylar to the ER for x-rays as they sanitized the small bleeding crease in her skin the bullet caused. It was probably just a deep bruise and […]