Masks We Wear: Chapter 10 8

The Masks We Wear Chapter 10: The Morning After Sam woke early, as he always did. Light was creeping in through the cracks around the window shade, there was a comfortable weight on his shoulder and he looked down to see Jacqui’s tousled hair. Her right arm was thrown across […]

Chapter 18 1

I open the door to see the weirdest trio to ever grace the earth, a really cute girl, old man and weird copy paste of Chris with a changed color pallet. “Hi, are you Chris’s family?” I don’t know why I asked but I still felt bad for being mean […]

Chapter 19 1

I laugh lightly at this. “Hey Bess, you’ll like these lot.” I strolled down and Evans threw a chair over to me I caught it and set it down and deposited myself in it. Finnas looked fairly amused at the course of events. “You know they say that the instructors […]

Old Legends Beginnings: Trials 3

Old Legends Beginnings: Trials With a final good luck to Julies, James and Robert moved over to their side to look at the bracket. While looking over the bracket they both sighed realizing that they would not be fighting each other during the first match.  With the realization, they both […]

Chapter 20

Moving home was a simple affair, no clothes fit. My only personal possession is my weird hammock which no longer supported my increased weight. So I left it. My home was actually incredibly far away up in the mountains, it was modern in design but foreign in appearance, with white […]

21 ‘Scary Man’ 2

My first hero duty happened in shortly after that, apparently some crazy religious group were holding young supers hostage and were going to kill them as blasphemers to their religion, some new deviation from Christianity focused on the extermination of supers. We arrived on the scene to see a house […]