PSA – Why is Chapter 2 taking so long? 3

So, why is chapter 2 taking so long?

There are several reasons. First, my workload recently increased a tad. On its own, not so big a problem. Combined with writing, a problem occurs. I have less free time available, and my work takes priority, so writing takes longer to do now.

Second, I’ve injured my hand. Not too bad, so I should be fine in a couple days after posting this, but enough to make writing a harder process.

And third, I misjudged the pressure my schedule would place on me by writing this story. After a little while I should be able to space everything out so that writing fits nicely into my schedule, but until then, keeping to the optimistic “once-a-week” deadline I set myself at the beginning just isn’t likely to happen right now.

I apologize for taking so long, and hope you guys will be patient with me as I sort myself out. As an apology, I have a little teaser from Chapter 2: Bravo Brawls here for you to read.


Teaser Begin

Suddenly, the concrete to his right exploded, sending fragments flying left and right, and kicking up a fair amount of dust, forcing Mark to splutter a bit. So his opponent could cause explosions. “Fuck. Ing. SHIT!” he thought, as he caught sight of her again, and smiled. Two Goliaths were already closing in on her, one standing 10′ tall, the other 8. Neither were particularly happy with their little enemy’s attempt to knock out what amounted to their “brain”. Mark watched as she backed away, while the 10′ giant brought back his fist, ready to strike when-

Teaser Ends

Now you’ve just got to wait for the rest. 🙂

The Experiment - A New Beginning: Chapter 1

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Hello to whoever is reading this, I'm Omega! Not much to say about me, really. I'm Autistic, a guy, and the author of "The Experiment". I write when I'm in the mood to write, so updates will be a little sporadic, at least to begin with, as I can only post when I've managed to get 'round to writing a chapter. If I try to write when I'm not in the mood, all I end up with is fancifully worded crud, so I kinda have to space my writing out a bit. Now that is already more than I originally planned to write here, so I'm ending this thing here, adios!

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