Survival of the Fittest: Chapter 1 2

First day off college and it’s raining. Dammit, this is not an ideal situation, but because logic hates me I just had to get lost twice. Twice how does that even work you get lost make a wrong turn then fix yourself up on the path to enlightenment only to end up exactly in the same wrong place, again. I’m suppose to me a all powerful super with abilities to boggle the minds of simple humans. I’m suppose to be above the everyday struggles of humans. I’m suppose to be infallible. Why then must I fall flat on my face at every opportunity. As if the universe agree’s with me I trip on a cracked bit of pavement and land flat on my face. Irony. Pushing myself up I wipe the rain out of my eyes and look around. I’m in the brook lane, I’ve got four other housemates all in the hero program and it’s uhh.. number three house. That’s all I know about my living arrangements for the next four years possibly or the first day till they realize I’m a fuck-up and wipe my memory and kick me out. I can barely see a few feet in front of me from the down pour, all the houses look exactly the same. Hell I even passed this number seven house twice now. I take a calming breath and look for something to use. Seriously my da himself brags about how he managed to escape a gang of supers with nothing but a tooth pick when he was a young hero, I should be able to find a house in the rain. I notice a board standing three feet behind me and look at it. ‘Brook Lane Houses one to ten.’ Dammit I’ve been in the write place the entire time. I hurriedly rush down the sidewalk dragging my suitcase (now completely soaking.) behind me. I race past number six through four to three and then hop in the air in joy at the sight of my new home. Without a second thought I walk up to the door then freeze. Do I knock or just enter. Well this is my home two so screw it what’s the worse that can happen. I click open the door and step in. Jerhico Kal is going to college.
So close… My hand inches from my prize then the bastard of a chair betrays me and falls, screw it. I hop up the last few inches with a little boost of super strength and grab the cookie jar before gravity’s cruel hand pulls me, using my increased agility I lightly tap the chair back into a standing position the landing on one foot I spin round and fling a cookie into the shocked face of my new room mate standing by the open doorway coated in rain. The cookie makes a perfect shot and the dude automatically chews. “HEY GUY” I hop forward out of the kitchen into the open hall and grab the guy’s shoulder and dragged him into the living room to my right. I then grabbed his suitcase that he’d released and set it gently next to the staircase. Hey need to be careful with the valuables and all that. I slipped into the living room to catch our new house mate before he face planted the sofa. I then ideally spun him around in a circle and belted out. “Ladies and gentlemen, sorry scratch that I’m no gentle man, anyhow I would be proud to present the newest house mate..” I then grabbed his shoulder to stop him spinning and pointed at him. He took a few moments then he composed himself and shyly muttered out ‘Jerhico Kal’. “JERHICO KAL 9000” I roar loud enough he covers his eyes in shock. I snicker then walk towards the two ladies in the room sitting there in a combination of shock and amusement. I drop to one knee in front of the blonde who’s name I forgot already. “Milady I present to you thee most refined cookies that have ever graced this planet.” I then held the cookie jar up above my head like I was giving tribute. She took them quickly and passed them over to the other blonde one next to her. It then occurred to me both of them are identical. Twins, oh. I then leap up of the ground grabbed the cookies out of the other blondes hand and began to cross my arms and tap my foot on the ground in a peeved kinda way. “Your welcome.” She then blushed awkwardly as she realized her blunder. I handed back the cookies then went and mopped away onto the sofa on the opposite side of the room. Other blonde then took over. “Uhh sorry about that uhh Jerhico?” the soaking wet guy nods. “I’m Katie and this is my sister Kalie. That is uhh we’re not sure he never actually introduced himself.” All three look at me expect me to answer. “I am Chris Hartley pleasure to meet you.”

Chapter 2

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