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Chapter 2 1

This had to be a weird day, I mean one of the weirdest I’ve ever experienced, I peeked over at Katie to see how she was reacting so far, yep mirror of my own actions frozen. We were the first to arrive this morning but this Chris guy was already […]

Chapter 3 1

I looked at the three people in the room with me, they were weak. Shit, this may or may not be a horrible situation but screw it what’s the logical worse thing that can happen? ‘You could all die?’ Ohh yeah forgot about my horrible impending death sub-conscious thanks for […]

Chapter 4

The inside of the giant tower everyone was moving towards was as big as you’d expect, I looked behind me for support only to realize that the two girls had wandered of by themselves, I’m alone. Holding back the ever present fear I tried to act calm and marched forward […]

Chapter 5

I’m never going to live this down. I can’t believe I was beaten by a freshmen a fucking freshmen of all things, I’m a bloody senior for crying out loud, number four in combat and got beaten by a freshmen. I actually spent all of last night going through their […]

Chapter 6

“This is curious, usually freshmen are picked of by the seniors and given a lesson in humility and something to aim for in the future. Some may scrape through and make it here half afraid of another ambush but you, you got here with ease and took a senior as […]

Chapter 7

I looked into the eyes of my brother and remembered a lifetime of fear. He looked ready to skin me alive. But he was distracted by Chris. He and Chris were moving in slow stuttering steps, but were carefully mirroring each others movements, everyone was watching them. Chris feinted right […]

Chapter 8

My mind was still reeling from that guy’s thoughts. Chris was a bad ass. I look at our Chris to see him looking over at Alice longingly. The dude had been hungover her since they meet. Though I’m not sure she notices. I then look up the pathway we’d come […]

Chapter 9

I walked up towards the main room wondering what to expect. From what little I’ve learned of him he’s very adaptive and not one to take lightly if Damien is any source at all. But still I wonder how this will play out. I turn and look at Damien who’s […]

Chapter 10

Teleporter never met one of those before. This could get interesting. I made a running start and jumped up grabbing a low hanging pole and pulled myself up into an arc heading to another. I then remembered that this looks almost entirely like the training area I was raised in, […]