Chapter 9

I walked up towards the main room wondering what to expect. From what little I’ve learned of him he’s very adaptive and not one to take lightly if Damien is any source at all. But still I wonder how this will play out. I turn and look at Damien who’s walking behind me head hanging low like it’s a walk of shame. I then realize it is, he got beat by a freshmen and is doing the exact same training as them, hell this is what freshmen training is. He’s been reduced to a freshmen. Sasha is cruel. I continue my calm pace forward mind turning calm and my focus razer sharp. I arrive at the main hall to see a shadow slip across my vision I turn to see Chris standing there that smile on his face. “Alright then now that we’re all present I guess i should start by saying Chris your eight seconds late. I will punish you with five percent pain. I threw a controlled wave of pain into him, he didn’t even flinch his eyes remained cool and collected his smile ever present. His body relaxed but prepared. “Good you are strong.” Chris tilted his head. “Wait you did it already, wow I much still be twisted after Jerhico.” I nodded acting alright with the situation. Fuck Jerhico must have fucked up his entire nervous system. I told father that Jerhico wasn’t ready for the program, I told Jerhico wasn’t even stable. Didn’t listen and now look at what happened I’ll have to contact him tonight to inform him of the situation. “Alright then follow me I now a place that’ll put you two in your places.” I stalked of towards the far right exit, Damien caught on immediately but Chris was oblivious as he’d never explored the campus yet. I must have been showing a little to much rage as Chris noticed and asked me what was wrong. “Sorry I’m upset at what Jerhico has done, Our family is raised never to use our power in anger or in jelousy, we train to control our emotions and to think with a clear mind and for the best interests of others not our own. It is what our family is raised on.” I nod and strode on I notice Chris’s eyes nearly glow with curiosity. Damien looks just as bored as he was a minute ago. Chris notices as well. “Hey Damien you ever played Light Cube before?” Damien looked up fairly interested. “Uh no what is it?” Chris leaned back in mock shock. “Never heard, never heard. Have you been living under a rock these last million years.” Chris then pulled a small cube from his pocket. “Okay when I throw this thing into the air a pattern will flash onto it’s face, you have till it lands back in my hands to tap out the pattern on the cube face.” He laughed lightly then pressed the center piece then the bottom right square. He threw it in the air and it ascended highly then almost exploded outward showing the image of circle with a line through it. It then expanded out into a series of blocks spread out moving quickly towards the ground. Damien exploded into action tapping buttons seemingly at random the faster he pushed the buttons though the quicker it fell. He’d barely pressed half when it shrunk into a small cube and floated back to Chris’s hand. It then projected an image of a sloppy circle with a line streaking precariously through it and then the original image then a number. Fifty-six. We both look at Chris. “Fifty-six percent consistent with origin image. Barely half. This isn’t a game of speed it’s one of precision and care, to things you seemingly lack. Am I right Kadar?” He looked directly at me and I nodded. Damien huffed but started paying more attention seeing this more as an opportunity to improve himself rather than a punishment. Chris is probably better at this than I am. We continued on till we rounded the last corner. into a giant room with large metal poles sticking out of the walls and the ceiling. “Alright then who wants to play a more classical game? Like I don’t know tag?” I spoke loudly and from a door across the room another guy entered. “Damien as you know this is Antony he’s a short range teleporter. Damien your objective is to tag him, Chris your objective is to avoid him until Damien catches him. You’ll both be here till Antony catches Chris or Damien catches Antony, or just to make it interesting if Chris catches Damien though only if your here for longer than an hour. Any questions.” Chris coughed lightly. “What abut environmental damage, can we wreck our environment if we can?” Kadar laughed. “None of you have super strength so it’ll be near impossible, but sure if you can you may destroy the environment.” Alright then this was shorted now to sit back and watch the show. Antony was one of the most skilled tracker I knew he could anticipate a persons move before they even start, even with all of Chris’s skill he wouldn’t survive long. A little humility will do that guy good he probably thinks he unstoppable bet he’s never been beat once in his life.

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Chapter 10

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