Chapter 10

Teleporter never met one of those before. This could get interesting. I made a running start and jumped up grabbing a low hanging pole and pulled myself up into an arc heading to another. I then remembered that this looks almost entirely like the training area I was raised in, let instinct take over and my mind fell back to happier times, I remember when I was young and childish.
“Mama why do I have to do the training all day?” I looked up bruises covered my body, my big bro was sitting next to me with a book in his lap my mother sitting opposite me with a blanket she was draping over me. “Honey you don’t have to fight, or train you may choose what you want to do. We know your not built to be a fighter but great uncle thinks with time you will be a great warrior and protector of the people.” I look up at mama and smile but bruises cause so much pain it comes out a grimace. Mama drapes me in a big hug and then father walks in dressed in traditional garb of the summer training home. Desert nomadic clothing he said once. “How it my boys doing this fine day, Finnas hard at work as always and Chris you look like you fell in the washing machine again.” I giggled that had happened once. We had a big industrial washing machine that washes the servants clothes as well. I tripped and fell once and ended up stuck in there I came out so black and blue great uncle had to get a healer to fix up my injuries. I looked at Finnas beside me. “What you reading brother?” He looks up at me with curiosity. “Uhh I’m reading a book on the biology of humans, I’m considering getting a doctorate in biology this summer.” I nodded brother was super smart. Father says it’s a super ability but it’s not legally considered one yet so Finnas is technically considered a normal human for now but when the power awakens he’ll be able to do much more. I look over at Mama “Can i watch a movie tonight, Mia says she got a new one I’d like, can I” Mama laughed at this. Then great uncle walked in. “May I inquire as to what is so hilarious.” Great uncle spoke weirdly sometimes. “I do not speak weirdly young one, you simply speak weirdly yourself what with your slang and poor use of grammar. Truly appalling.” I knew he was kidding but still my face lit up redder than a tomato. Two weeks after that, Finnas gained his power, a week after that so did I. The youngest of our family to achieve the power.
I come back to my senses as I leap over a pole to land safely on another. I pull up my senses to see what I’d been doing over the while I’d been reminiscing, I’d been changing strategy and paths constantly as Antony was extremely adaptive. My joyful mood made me more playful than normal so I decided to experiment with my limits to see what I can do. I also realize that it’s been an hour and a half already so I can catch Damien at any tie now, in fact he looked exhausted, hell so did Antony, I realize I hadn’t broken a sweat yet. I dive down in an aerial dive and swung of a pole to catapult myself into a roll to land next to Damien. I put my hand on his shoulder and say “Tag.” Softly but loud enough so everyone can hear. I then walk towards Kadar who was sitting patiently cross legged watching. “You seemed distracted Chris, what were thinking about?” I laugh lightly. “Just thinking about home, I have one of these you know, use to spend days playing tag on this with my friend. And the last time my family was all together. My father and mother died in an accident shortly after that.” A tear slowly fell down my face. I don’t know why I told Kadar but I did, I felt a little better though so what harm is there. “So what next oh great and powerful teacher?” I looked Kadar directly in the eyes. “Um well it’s lunch now I’ll show you cafeteria, hell why don’t you eat with us. I’m curious about what you mean when you say you have one of these at home.” I nod and follow him as he, Damien and Antony start moving up the door we came in. I’ll eventually figure out the flow of were everything i but still first day and all that. I stretched and continued walking my body was and a hair thin trigger from breaking down on me and I wasn’t enjoying the experience. “Hey Kadar, how long till the effects from you and Jerhico’s power wears of? I’m barely holding myself back from twitching.” Kadar looked at me with relative surprise. “Your still feeling that, how much did Jerhico throw at you?” I shrugged. “I don’t know I think the first time it was a bit then he just lost it and threw the whole load at me and then second time he just threw the hold load at once, you know I actually thought he was a little timid at first but he’s apparently very emotionally unstable.” Kadar nodded calming keeping complete control over his reaction. “Right, twice then. We’ll have to take you to a healer that causes severe muscle and nerve damage I’m surprised you haven’t shut down completely.” I nodded. “I did on my way back from dumping of Jerhico, the adrenaline died and I dropped like a rock, I basically blacked out for half an hour before I could even move again, thankfully my family have naturally higher rates of regeneration than normal supers or humans.” I bopped up the pace before they could question my statement, I may not know were I going but we’re in a tunnel so I can’t get lost.

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