Chapter 11

Chris was odd, I mean the don’t pry into my personal life right now odd. I respected that and left it be but still come on bro. We strolled at a leisure pace no one made any conversation till Chris randomly said. “Hey Kadar, do you think at any time you might feel like giving me some lessons on using Jerhico’s power? I mean I could learn by myself but you already know all the kinks and tricks so it would be faster if I learnt from you.” Kadar nodded. Huh I almost forgot he drained Jerhico, weird thing to think but he absorbed a guys power they very essence of what makes him a super the reason he was aloud here at all. And this guy drains it like a shot. “Of course Chris maybe next training session I will show you a few techniques, maybe during parent day father will spread some knowledge as well.” I perked up at this parent day I always forget about that one. “Hey when is that anyway?” Kadar groaned though we’d never personally been close our class was small so everyone relatively knew a fair bit about everyone else, so he was aware of my reputation of being a little simple at times. “Well freshmen have a family day at the end of the week then everyone has one on the first of every month, literally every month how can you even forget something like that?” I shrugged and the air dissipated of awkwardness and we did what a couple of guys do, we joke about and have a laugh. We make it to the cafeteria just before the freshmen, so we had time to grab some disgusting looking food and grab a table with several other seniors. Chris plops down next to Kadar and I sit opposite with Antony next to me. Down the table Angela number two in the year barked out. “So freshmen did you enjoy your first training session, Easy I assume.” The words sounded a little mean and sarcastic but were aimed to be friendly. Chris played along and chuckled. “Well I had to play tag with a speedster and a teleporter, I assume you can figure out how that went.” Everyone laughed at that. Someone even said, “Don’t worry in a few years maybe you’ll be able to keep up with the big dogs.” Chris laughed at this along with Kadar and Antony, I joined in as well. Kadar quickly commented. “Ohh you misunderstand, Chris ran circles around them, he was like a cartoon nearly.” I laughed at the concept because it was startlingly true. The other seniors didn’t see the humor however. They all seemed a little surprised. A freshmen is suppose to be a new super with not a lot of experience or skill and spend years grinding away to gain mastery and skill over their gift, Chris already has mastery over his skill as well as everyone else’s if he wanted to. That was a little scary. Just then the silence was broken by some vibrating from Chris’s pocket. He pulled out a sleek black phone and tapped at the screen checking a message. “Argh for god’s sake Mia when will you learn.” Chris grumbled to himself. He then fired back a quick text and slipped the phone into his never ending pockets. I then paid proper attention to what Chris was wearing. A damn black suit with a silver tie, and a sleek long coat over it, with styled silver lining. This dude was rich. Chris looked up at us with curiosity. “What I got a text, look I know you’ve been locked up in here for four years but tell me you’ve heard of modern technology, like the wheel?” That broke the ice enough for me to ask. “You get service here?” Odd question but we spent the majority of the year here so this was a big shock. “Yeah my brother designed and created a private network for our family, as long as we’re on earth I get cell service to contact any member of my family. Yeah awesome right but my brother is super smart like he has advanced intelligence as well as the ability to absorb knowledge from people’s mind and any source of data he can find. That includes books and the internet. Dude’s a fucking genius. Now let’s be civilized okay, raise your hand if you have a question. Okay.” We all raised our hand. He pointed at me first. “Who were you texting?” He laughed. “That was Mia, she’s a childhood friend as well as the wife of my older brother Finnas, you know I was actually the one who set them two up. Next question, Antony.” Antony nodded. “Isn’t it against school rules to use a phone.” Chris did his now normal chuckle and continued. “No they never made it an official rule as you can’t get cell service here. So there’s nothing they can do but take it from my hand and smash it to bits. Next question Kadar.” Kadar smiled. “Uhh actually those two already said my questions.” Chris shook his head disappointingly. “Alright then miss comic relief herself what’s your question?” Angela’s face turned a little red. “So does that phone only call or text?” Chris answered like a politician. “As in it’s current state it acts like a modern smartphone with apps and internet, but when in a blackout area like this with no service or internet, it acts like a classic phone with call and text only, but this is only in it’s current state my brother is currently studying to get his doctorate in philosophy then he’s adding an internet connection as well. I actually have a bachelor in philosophy if your curious, yeah strong, intelligent and well read please ladies one at a time.” That got a hearty laugh from everyone and the hands fell down. Back to business as usual trying to keep down these poisonous substances they call food. But hey at least now the entire year of seniors have accepted Chris as one of their own. Dude has a way of being likable and scary all at the same time.

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