Chapter 12 3

Lunch became an enjoyable affair after the awkwardness evaporated, I spent a little time getting to know the seniors. Names and powers mostly as well as rank in year. After lunch I asked Damien where I was suppose to go, he said that first day is a free day so I can go home if I wanted. I nodded and thanked him and began to head home but halfway there I decided to do something a little silly. I wanted to visit Jerhico. I headed down to the cells and nodded at Evans before grabbing a spare chair sitting next to him and dumping it down across from Jerhico’s cell. He was awake and crying. “Hey hows prison life going.” Not my best opening line but it was incredibly awkward. Jerhico stared out of the cell with tears streaking down his face. “Chris, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened I just…” His head dropped into his hands. “Yeah it’s all right, so Kadar mentioned he’d contact your father tonight to inform him about what happened and I’m assuming if your still here he might come in during freshmen parent day and if not during parent day on the first. So you can talk that over. Uh hey I got a question your not exactly the kind of guy that usually goes for the hero job or anything. So no offence but what gives Jer?” Jerhico looked up at me. “My father wanted me to go so I applied, they thought I might be as good as Kadar or maybe even a little like him, my father is an old friend of one of the specialty professors so they were able to get me in.” I nodded. “So I’m assuming you had little say over this, just trying to make your father proud.” That struck a cord close to my heart, I decided I’ll try and help him. Jerhico nodded at my statement. “So what is it you do want to do?” Jerhico looked up a little surprised then just depressed. “What does it even matter, I’m a disgrace to my family, father will probably not even let me come home after this, my life is ruined. They’ll wipe my mind, I’ll be forgot and homeless, a beggar on the streets wasting away.” Damn grim picture. “Okay then but just for say what is it you’d want to do with your life if you didn’t become a hero?” Jerhico looked up at me curiously for a second. “Well I always wanted to travel and explore the world, I wanted to go see what there was out there.” Wow vague request but I can work on it. I nod at him then slip out my phone. I look at Jerhico for a second. “You don’t mind space do you?” Jerhico looked shocked but shook his head. I called Finnas and after two rings he puck up. “Yes little brother how may I help you?” His voice was a lighter version of mine with a thick accent, a cross between Russian and Asian, with some odd British in there to boot. “Hey you know the way your doing that space trip in January? Well I got a friend of mine I was wondering if you could accommodate.” I heard my brothers laugh come across the line. “Ahh brother you have the weirdest requests at times, when can I pick him up and where?” I chuckle back. “Well I think early January would be best, and well here would be best. He’ll be mind wiped but I’m sure you can fix that, oh and if you like him well enough take him on as an intern so he can join you around the globe.” Brother laughed but accepted. We had some small talk, discussed events from home and the family then said our goodbyes and he promised to be by on freshmen parent day. I hung up and looked at Jerhico sitting in wonder. “Okay then after you get mind wiped a man that looks the exact opposite of me will greet you in a white car, if he asks you to come along just go with it and all your dreams will come true. And maybe in a few weeks you’ll patch things up with your family and can visit them in your vocation time. Because if you play your cards right you’ll get a job a home and a good salary. just remember brother will kind does not abide by ignorance. Three rules never lie, not try or give up without a fight. Oh his name is Finnas. Now sadly I must go, but I’ll so you later.” I nod at him and begin to walk away. I nod at Evans as I leave. Just as I exit I hear laughter erupt from Jerhico. And a small chuckle escapes my lips.
The walk home was both boring but peaceful. I still had to get to a healer at some stage as I was close to collapsing again, but I wanted to make it home first. Sadly when I arrive home again, we had company. I admit the girls didn’t have a chance to run it by me but still, dick move inviting over a bunch of people with asking your room mates. I lightly open the door and step inside the loud noise of a movie and several voices and laughter. I walk by the living room where the twins had six more people in there, very crowded. I moved like a shadow across the entrance to the kitchen. It wasn’t rude I was just tired. Moving into the kitchen I ducked beneath the doorway. I made a special note to ask for a house with high doors. But request denied. Hell I have to sleep in a bloody hammock diagonally across my room because the beds so small. I groaned as I stretched upwards to full height. The only redeeming quality about the house was the abnormally high ceiling in the kitchen even my near eight feet tall self had a small problem reaching the top. I even installed a shelf up there for my cookies. I opened the fridge and pull out a bottle of Jack Daniels. One of my favorite drinks. I then was about to head up stairs to do whatever work I had for ethics. When someone swung a frying pan at me.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  • Club

    This is where I stopped.

    Paragraphs, man. The wall of unbroken text is a pain to stumble through.

    Second, the character is implausible. He’s so bloody skilled that he can beat someone with superpowers at their own game, when they’re trained too? Also, he has too much else going for him, family backing, money, intellect, education, etc.

    Third, the way many of the supporting characters react to him is, again, implausible. Minimum, some of the seniors should have been hostile to him; not being so is more rational than people are.

    • JohnPio Post author

      Sorry about lack of spacing, I’ve been told I have problems in that area. As for all Chris has got going for him, while I hate creating spoilers I’ll give you a few, because your honest. Let’s just say that Chris’s future ain’t gonna be so bright, and as for people’s reaction to him I’m simply gonna say three words ‘Puppets on strings’ I admit my story is far fetched but this is fan fiction, I make my own little story for myself.