Chapter 8

My mind was still reeling from that guy’s thoughts. Chris was a bad ass. I look at our Chris to see him looking over at Alice longingly. The dude had been hungover her since they meet. Though I’m not sure she notices. I then look up the pathway we’d come down a few minutes ago. Chris was something else. I’d been locked onto his thoughts when we arrived in the big room where he’d been with coach and those other three. I watched him keep pace with that senior with ease and then saw what happened when he’d shook that guys hand. At first I thought it was him but then I saw it was the other guy. Chris then somehow locked of his mind from my sight. I was trapped fro a second by the pain, then free. I’d actually dropped but Chris had caught me and him and Alice steadied me. They looked shocked when I explained what had happened and I still was. Even now I can’t feel his mind anywhere in this building. Now I’m not the strongest telepathic guy around but I could still feel the guy who went with him all the way there and back. I felt him say goodbye to Chris and felt him and Chris part ways. But Chris hasn’t shown up yet. I’m starting to worry.
Argh, why does everything hurt. I cracked open my eyes only to realize I’m home, I’m dreaming. “Yes you are young one.” I turn to see my great uncle sitting at a small wooden table drinking tea. He motioned for me to sit and I did. “So this is how you spend first day hmm? I expect better of you young one.” I grimaced full facial control achieved. “Sorry, it’s just well..” I duck my head in shame. “Rise young one, I know it is hard but you will endure do not worry. Shadow knows it does.” I turn to look at my shadow that was sipping on some tea. It nodded and I smiled again. Faith in shadow just like my ancestors. “Now wake up young one we do not spend all day asleep do we?” I laughed and shook my head and the scene dissolved. I crack open my eyes and my face aches from smiling. Groaning I stumble to my feet and look down at my shadow. “Faith in Shadow as always.” I bow then jog haphazardly down the path to the next open room where coach was talking to the rest of the freshmen. She stopped when I came stumbling in. “Chris what took you so long?” I shrugged “Traffic was terrible getting here.” I then joined the rest of the herd and coached smiled and nodded. “Alright then, now as I was saying you’ll be taking part in three tests tomorrow A test of agility and skill, a test of strength and power and a test of intelligence and wit. You’ll then be set into groups with a strict training regime and a senior will over see your training as well as myself and my assistants who you will meet now. Each assistant specializes in one of the three tests you’ll learn in here as well as that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you’ll have a class discussing the ethics of hero’s and villain’s. And I have a question does anyone know which day it is?” Someone shouted out Monday. And she nodded. “Good you lot aren’t completely useless. Yes it’s Monday which means after my assistants introduce themselves you lot will report to ethics except for Chris Hartley who will have the special privilege of getting his ass repeatedly handed to him by the number one senior for the duration of the evening and the ethics teacher will leave a brief sum up of the class in your room for you to review and fill out and then give to him. Please note this is only for today as Kadar has ethics in the evening and will only be available to train you at that time today but after that report to him after ethics.” She smiled my smile at me and then two women and one man walked in from the door I entered. The first women through a women of amazonian proportions smiled when she saw someone of my stature, being I was taller than her hulking size of roughly seven foot. “Hello there handsome put a little meat on those bones and maybe I’ll give you some private lessons.” She winked and we shared a laugh. Coach continued. “I’ll allow them to make their own introductions and Bessie no letting them now there’s no rule against student teacher relationships or half the class will try to sleep with you.” Coach laughed as well as the other assistants and myself. The rest of the freshmen were to busy thinking of the implications I’ll assume. Bessie started of first. “As Coach has said my name is Bessie. I’m gonna be your instructor for the strength portion of the program.” She winked at the class and stepped back allowing the man to step forward. He wall tall and thin. With dark hair and a fair beard growing. “I’m Evans your instructor in the art of agility and skill. You’ll find none more skilled than I anywhere in the world.” He bowed extravagantly and for some reason I decided I liked the douche so I gave a small round of applause. Only to be joined moments later by the other assistants and coach. I raised an eyebrow. Seems I’m fitting in rather well. The third to step forth was a small and frail looking women. “Hello I’m your instructor in Intelligence and wit. You’ll earn the right to my name if you best me in a game of chest.” She nodded at that and stepped back. I decided to issue a challenge. “I’ll take you up on that offer ma’am but it will have to wait till tomorrow as I have an ass whooping to attend. By any chance do any of you know were I can find Kadar Kal in about the next five minutes?” They were taken of guard momentarily before coach stepped forward. “Chris I think he’s waiting for you up in the main hall there. Run along now it’s only your first day you’ll have a chance to play games later.” I nodded at her and strode confidently up the path to the main hall. Ass Kicking here I come.

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