Chapter 7

I looked into the eyes of my brother and remembered a lifetime of fear. He looked ready to skin me alive. But he was distracted by Chris. He and Chris were moving in slow stuttering steps, but were carefully mirroring each others movements, everyone was watching them. Chris feinted right but shifted left, as did Kadar. Chris threw Damien up in the air just as I left Kadar’s hands to joins him in the sky. I was just about to collide with Damien as a pair of hands tugged me straight down. I landed in a pile in front of Kadar and next to Damien. I looked up to see Kadar and Chris shake hands above me. Jealousy flowed through my system and I poured all the pain into Chris again.
I was shaking hands with Kadar when pain coursed through my system. My muscles flexed instinctively my super strength crushing Kadar’s hand. I looked down at Jerhico to see him looking directly at me rage in his eyes. I punched him in the face again, breaking his nose again and knocking him out. I looked up at the crowd looking outward. I located the timid guy who was a healer. “You fix him.” I pointed at Kadar. I turned to coach. “Coach I hate to ask a favor but… Kick this Jerhico out of the program he’s not emotionally stable enough to be here. This is the second time he’s attacked me with his power. Wait hold on a second.” I removed the black glove that covered my hand and placed it on Jerhico’s unconscious form. A black cloud slowly spread from my hand and enveloped the super. I held it for a few seconds and fell a burning erupt in my head. I closed my eyes in concentration and continued. After a few more seconds I felt the power there in my mind and then let it grow. After a full minute the smoke enveloping Jerhico flashed silver and I removed my hand. Jerhico coughed and curled up into a small ball. I turned back to Coach who was standing there with her eyebrows raised. “I purposely overdid it. He’s as weak as a newborn kitten but he won’t be using his power for at least a year. Unless he wants to cripple it permanently.” She nodded slowly then pulled out a small device that appeared similar to a phone but more brick like with weird attachments. She muttered something into then turned to the crowd of onlookers. “Alright people enough laying about we have work to do, seniors go make reports on all your assigned targets, freshmen follow me we got work to do. Oh and Damien you and Chris take out the trash.” She then marched off towards the far side of the hall the freshmen following worryingly some stopping to look at me. I scooped up Jerhico and followed Damien as he led me off into a different doorway. “So were are we dumping this poor excuse for a human being?” I asked politely. Damien frowned. “Don’t take this so lightly, we don’t have constant access to someone who can remove his memories so he’ll be held in a cell until we can get one and that can sometimes take up to a year.” I nodded my eyes carrying some pain. “So he’ll be stuck here by himself then? No visitors?” Damien looked at me sideways “I don’t know never heard of anyone visiting someone who’ll forget them in a few days or months.” I nod. We continue on in silence until we arrive at a serious of cells with a man standing at a desk watching a series of screens. I cough lightly to get his attention. “Hello we have someone to deposit in a cell. Do you know when the guy that wipes the memory will be coming?” The guy looks up at us surprised. “Already damn, still the first day, hell it’s basically the first half of the day. What he do kill somebody?” I shook my head. “Alright dump him in one of these as for Mr Resil he won’t be here until Christmas.” I groaned that’s ages away. “Alright thank you…” I left the end of so he could fill in the end. “Percy that’s what they call me.” I nod at him. I then motioned the door and Damien opened it and just to spite the pile of shit I did a jump shot to throw him in. He crashed awkwardly in a pile I then lightly closed the door and turned and strode away. Damien followed tightly behind. “Wasn’t that a little mean?” I shook my head and continued a quick pace.Damien followed silently. I was exhausted, I’d been tortured twice, had been in fear of my life once, sentenced to legalized torture in order to get extra training, and I’d beat down a senior and carried him as well as a fat guy around on my shoulders for twenty minutes without rest. I’m beat. “Damien question how long till I get a break, I’m tired.” The guy looked startled. “What seriously? It’s only been an hour.” I looked him in the eye. “Kadar’s in your class right? Well has he ever used his power against you? probably held back a bit or else he’d ruin somebody, well imagine all that pain poured over you all at once, then imagine it happening just after you recover from the first assault.” Damien froze. “He didn’t hold back.” He spoke in a small voice almost afraid. “Yep, but I’m sure Kadar is more powerful so it isn’t that bad but still torture.” I turned my walk into a sprint, going as fast as I could pushing myself to the limit. His entire body ached, his muscled were either pulled or torn or just burning. Damien kept pace easily his face a mask of horror and respect. I started slowing down when the adrenaline in my system finally gave up. I stopped right at the entrance to the hall. I turned to Damien and looked him in the eyes. “I’ll guess I’ll see you at training.” He smiled poorly and I nodded. He walked of to the door the seniors and I stumbled over to the door the freshmen took and I tumbled through it and fell down.

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