Chapter 6

“This is curious, usually freshmen are picked of by the seniors and given a lesson in humility and something to aim for in the future. Some may scrape through and make it here half afraid of another ambush but you, you got here with ease and took a senior as a hostage too. And you carried a fellow freshmen through with you, I was actually watching the ambush live through security cameras. You put on a good show freshmen. So now I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do with you. And you two.” With the second You she looked down at the too idiots crumpled up at her feet. Jerhico struggling to find his feet and the poor speedster shifting at high velocity trying to escape. Two seconds of teamwork and they’d be free. A look of disgust crossed her face. “Alright Damien I should kick you out right now but I won’t, because you are a good fighter you were just stupid and so I’m gonna train that out of you, or rather he is.” She pointed at the freshman standing there stoically like a statue that always smiles. “Ma’am I don’t mean to be rude but I’m not capable of training him, wouldn’t it be simpler to kick him out Darwinism in the super species. The stupid are kicked out before they have a chance to corrupt the rest.” Harsh. Coach looked the freshmen in the eye coldly. “Your right about being unable to train him but I’m not gonna kick him out yet. But if he so much as slips up a little he’s gone, it’s a pain in the ass to keep him but my instincts tell me it’s the right thing to do.” A smile crossed her face for a moment and she mumbled the word pain again. Her eyes flashed towards Jerhico and then suddenly. “Ma’am you look like you put together a plan that involved either physical pain or Jerhico’s brother, I’m not on for suspense so please elaborate.” A hint of anger crossed the coaches face but it vanished in a second. “Alright smart mouth you’re also getting included in this one then. Both you and Damien will receive extra training from Jerhico’s older brother Kadar. You will both report to regular training as always but as soon as it ends you have five minutes to report to a set location by Kadar. Who will then train you as long as he deem’s worthy before allowing you to leave. You will then right a report on your performance during this training session as well as a small report on the others performance as well and then you will leave them with me to evaluate. And if I deem your evaluations to be below standard I will either kick you out or allow Kadar free reign to punish you.” She then frowned a little and looked directly at Chris. “I’m offering you free training with a highly skilled senior with very few downsides. How long have you been planning this?” Chris let out a small laugh. “My power is the ability to drain supers and mimic weaker versions of their powers. An old friend of mine is a fairly powerful super with mind reading abilities. Before I left for here they allowed me to drain them for their power and made me promise only to use it fairly and in order to help my training. I used it to read this chatterboxes mind and found out that Jerhico’s brother was number one in his year since then the pieces have slowly fallen into place and here we are, just some subtle hinting and playing of words to achieve some sort of advantage be it in training or knowledge. Does this mean I don’t get free training anymore?” Coach then laughed and laughed and laughed. “No no not a chance, we underestimated you Chris. did you know we were considering not accepting your application. But we did some small digging and found out about your colorful past but you out shine even your legends and maybe one day your heritage. No you’ll take on the extra training I’m curious to see how you develop here. But enough of this your fellow students seem to be arriving at last.” As she sad that a large herd of people walking down the stairs into the large room, heads lowered in shame. Seniors followed in after to faces calm, then they saw Damien and Jerhico in a pile and a combo of shocked and amused expressions except for one, a tall bulky looking guy with similar hair and eye color of Jerhico looked ready to throttle someone. He marched down to us he stopped right next to me and looked directly at coach. “Coach may I inquire into the situation involving my brother?” I chuckled slightly he sounded almost as robotic as me sometimes. Coach responded simply by pointing at me. I swallowed dramatically. “Hey, there. I’m assuming Kadar?” The man nodded. “Well let’s put it down to self-defense.” The man put me on edge, he was more powerful than me but so was the coach. He however looked like he was willing to employ all that against anybody if they so much as sneezed that put me on edge. he’s a ticking time bomb. “You’re afraid of him but not me, really Chris?” Coach seemed slightly curious. “Yes coach.” I was afraid but functional so I’m good. Kadar took a controlled step towards me, I calculated for it with a step diagonally to stand directly beside coach. He hesitated. “Yes Kadar he’s not that simple, you can’t completely walk over this one, yet. Your training him instead, as well as retraining Damien.” A shocked expression covered his face momentarily but he covered it up immediately. I looked down to see that both Jerhico and Damien had froze and were looking up at us hesitantly. I reached down and grabbed Damien, at the same time Kadar grabbed Jerhico. I pulled out Damien and as carefully Kadar removed Jerhico. Our movements mirrored each others like a mirror. This could be interesting.

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