Chapter 5

I’m never going to live this down. I can’t believe I was beaten by a freshmen a fucking freshmen of all things, I’m a bloody senior for crying out loud, number four in combat and got beaten by a freshmen. I actually spent all of last night going through their files and all the targets I was given. He was suppose to be the easiest, he’s a mimic that copies a weaker version of that supers power. And it never mentioned him having combat experience or any of this crap. Hell how did he even catch me I’m fast as lightning for Christ’s sake. And I’m still stuck on his shoulder like a prize or something. ‘A prisoner of war’ he said what does that mean. I looked at the guy hanging next to me. His name was Jerhico Kal, he had the ability to deal pain to anyone he touched. He came from a military background his father was a retired hero and spent everyday training his three boys to be his successors his older brother had was in my year, number one in combat same ability as his brother too. Yet here was his bro hanging over the shoulder of some guy like a trophy. He looked miserable. Rightly so, I looked up awkwardly I saw the look of shock still in the ladies face as she busied herself giving the directions to the training grounds to Chris. I saw some other seniors over his shoulder discussing something but I was too far away to hear anything. I lowered myself down to be hanging again and just tried to relax until it was over. After a minute longer Chris thanked the receptionist but before leaving he asked her name. It was odd because no one ever asked her name, even I didn’t in my freshman day’s, so for this I perked up a little. “Oh I’m Mrs Krushchev, you know none of these students ever ask my name.” A look of surprise cover Chris’s eyes. His smile never changed. “Really that’s odd, by the way is Krushchev Russian I’ve never heard it before. I’m actually a quarter Russian.” She smiled and nodded, then Chris politely excused himself saying he might want to hurry. He then strolled of towards the training rooms with me still on his shoulder. I felt a stab of worry, how long will I be stuck here. I then calmed myself and decided to make conversation. “So you’re part Russian?” He nodded. “Yeah my family is a little of everything, my family tree traces all the way around Europe and Asia. In fact the myths of Dracula were actually based of one of my ancestors, he had a similar ability to mine, it actually passes along to the youngest child of every second generation, my grandfather had it and so did his grandfather and so on.” I was shocked at this I couldn’t honestly tell if he was joking or not. “I’m actually serious if you want I can show you the genealogy tree my dad made for us to look at.” I was generally interested in the heritage of a guy who’s shoulder I’d been slung over for the last twenty minutes. “And before you ask, yes I’m allergic to garlic, don’t laugh or I swear to God I’ll…” But he got no farther as both me and Jerhico broke out in laughter at this. “Seriously, you have to be joking with me now, Garlic, what next holy water?” He shook his head at this. “No but I do have this irrational fear that if I stray to close a church I’ll burst into flames.” I continued to laugh and laugh all the way to the training area were the ever stern and unhappy coach was standing, she was tall though not as tall as Chris, she had military short brown hair and plain features the only oddity was an ugly scar that ran down the side of her face. Her powers were simply extreme strength and speed as well as super reflexes and regeneration as well as abnormal resistance. A true force to be reckoned with. “Who the hell are you and why do you have one of my seniors and a pig draped over your shoulders?” Chris bowed politely “Hello Ma’am I’m Chris Hartley one of the new freshmen, I managed to make it through the ambush unscathed and this guy right here is my prisoner of war, got a little too cocky and jumped out ahead of the bunch thinking his super speed would give him enough of an edge to beat an opponent who knew he was coming.” He then threw me across the lot to land in a heap in front of the coach. “This other one is Jerhico Kal, he’s another freshmen, he has the ability to cause physical pain to anyone at will, we had a minor confrontation and he used excessive amounts of his power against me, so I broke his nose and knocked him out, I then had his nose fixed but dumped him over my shoulder like a sack of bricks to humiliate him in front of our peers as retribution.” He then threw Jerhico over to land on top of me, I slipped my way to the side to dodge him but Coach dragged me back in the line of fire. And Jerhico landed on top of me, my head smacked against something hard and everything went dark.

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