Chapter 2 1

This had to be a weird day, I mean one of the weirdest I’ve ever experienced, I peeked over at Katie to see how she was reacting so far, yep mirror of my own actions frozen. We were the first to arrive this morning but this Chris guy was already here hanging from the literal roof, not a great first impression to say the least. Then he disappeared into the thin air for the next hour he only reappeared when I asked if Kalie wanted a snack he then came back in here with the soaking wet Jerhico who was still standing there awkwardly, and did the weird grand show of those cookies, she then passed them over to me first and the guy went all huffing over to the sofa and looked genuinely insulted. All in all a weird day. I took a calming breath then turned back to Jerhico who was still standing there, Chris apparently killed all conversation when he introduced himself. “Uhh Jerhico your room is up the stairs on the left, you can take either the second or third Chris is in the first and me and Kalie are across the hall.” The entire room was filled with an awkward tension as known of us really knew each (except me and Kalie) and there was kind of a stillness to this entire situation almost like something was missing. I looked up to see Chris was gone and I heard the door close. Did he leave or had our fifth and final occupant arrived? I heard some muffled voices and then heavy footsteps heading in here. Chris arrived at the door first his disturbing smiling face almost mockingly happy there. “I’ve good news and bad news.” I was confused for a second before the second person walked in, they were obviously too old to be a student ruffly in their fifties with a hard expression on their face. Chris continued. “The good news is I’m turning the spare bedroom into my personal sauna, the bad news is the fact we have a spare bedrooms, I’ll allow the boss guy explain.” The man stepped forward a sad look on his face. “Students as you may or may not yet be aware, I’m the head of the Hero Program here, and as you should know we should currently have six people in this room but due to unfortunate events that transpired early this morning your roommate was murdered on campus property.Now as I’m sure you know the campus is patrolled regularly but a team of professionals and we have a very well earned reputation of being the most secured hero training facility in the country so I assure you that the murderer will be caught and brought to justice and your safety will be ensured.” I tilted my headed slightly at this, it sounded odd, I guess. I begin to look over at my sister when I caught Chris’ eyes, his head was titled like mine and when I caught his eye he slowly titled his head into a normal position, for some reason decided to copy him. At the same time the ‘boss man’ looked at me intently but moved on. He smiled falsely before leaving quietly. As soon as the door shut I began to talk “Well that was-” But Chris cut me off with a cough. He held up five fingers and began to count down, when he hit zero. He whirled around and punched the wall, I yelped as the walls were made from hard wood, so unless he had super strength he’d break a hand. Thankfully he did and his hand cleanly shattered through the wall he then pulled out a small device that looked like a listening device. “Alright mate let’s get serious for a moment.” Chris spot calmly into the deivce. “I read through the contract I signed to get here, I know my rights but I’m willing to let this issue go for the moment if you pay attention, I personally don’t trust you, I don’t know why you killed the guy and I don’t care. What I do care about is being used as a scapegoat. Understand. Neither I nor any of the other people in this room had any opportunity to murder the guy, nor do we have a motive. But I’m sure your smart enough to conjure up one. But if you do I will break you. So instead your going to announce there was a mugging not a murder. The guy died from blood loss not the other reason I won’t reveal as the people in this room aren’t emotionally capable of handling such violence yet. And you will up security on the outer area only as well as allow students to fight for their own survival. Is that nice enough for you. So please before you try such sly actions like that do the minimal amount of background information on the people your trying to recruit.” He then crushed the device into crumbs in his hand and deposited it back into the hole. He then grabbed a painting he’d apparently placed behind the sofa and used it to cover up the hole. He turned on us with his face still covered in that sick twisted smile of his but his eyes looked tired and upset. “People sadly we have to talk.”

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    Your absolute fear of the Enter and Tab key makes your writing an unreadable mess. You should stop and edit work before vomiting forth more walls of text.