Chapter 3 1

I looked at the three people in the room with me, they were weak. Shit, this may or may not be a horrible situation but screw it what’s the logical worse thing that can happen? ‘You could all die?’ Ohh yeah forgot about my horrible impending death sub-conscious thanks for reminding me… Taking a calming breath I locked away the annoying voice and focused on these idiots. “Now as I said we have to talk, I think it would be better if you all sat down for this.” They remained standing, I sighed and took a step forward, they all took respective steps back. Both the girls dropped into their chairs easily, Jerhico tripped and started to fall onto his ass, I caught his arm and redirected him onto the sofa. He flinched horribly. Good they’re all generally terrified of me. I try to get my eyes to seem light, but stress and tiredness kept them from complying. I sigh and continue. “I don’t know how to exactly state this so I’ll go with brutal efficiency. I have strong reason to believe several key members of the coaches and professors in the program may be corrupt under the command of our glorious leader and head of the hero program here. My reasons for believing this may just be paranoia, but the evidence doesn’t lie. Sadly we’ve been dragged into the situation due to pure unluckiness. See our room mate had the unique ability to replicate matter permanently, now for the smarter ones of you I’m sure you’ll see the incredible advantages of this. Well so did the, let’s call them ‘Bad Guys’ they attempted to persuade or control the super into making the richest bastards on the planet. Now I don’t usually complain about that it’s the fact that when our room mate agreed and they brutally beat her to death and then did something that even I don’t truly understand yet. Least to say their bastards. Now they have to somehow explain why this young women is now dead right. Well we’re apparently the murderers.” That got a few gasps, good they’re paying attention. “Now I don’t know why they’re going through all this effort to sink us but what I do know is that we have to be careful from now on, as you all are currently up to date on all the underground situations that are going on here.” I decide now is the best time to end this conversation. “So to sum up, don’t trust anyone entirely, plan things calm and don’t freak out too often or they’ll know and act normal or they’ll get serious and kill us all. Oh by the way we should probably get going it’s nearly three and our testing begins at four.” They all got confused looks on their faces, so I walked over to the window and opened the blinds to show a crowd of people slowing moving towards the main tower down the street from us. Apparently it’s day one of Hero Academy, let’s see how many of these idiots sink to the bottom of the shitter.
It was a longer walk than I’d originally thought and some of the less physically enabled students started drifting behind. I decided to stick close to my small group, who were sheepishly dodging groups of people, or just people in general. I decided to take their minds of the horror they’re going through with some light conversations. “So tell me you three exactly what are your powers? You never really mentioned it and none of you are cunning enough to use strategy yet, you tell me and I’ll tell you.” They looked awkward for a second then Kalie spoke up first. “I can walk through walls.” I nodded impressed. Katie quickly followed with. “I can create walls.” I nodded equally impressed, one moved through the other blocked. “I can cause people physical pain.” Jerhico muttered awkwardly. I raised my eyebrows at this, that explained his awkwardness and little bitch nature. He’d hurt someone felt bad, been socially shunned his entire life and felt he was useless and/or evil whilst being afraid of his power. “I personally have a very special power, I’m a vampire mimic as I prefer to call it if I touch someone I drain them of health and permanently copy their power, the more I drain them the stronger the power. So if I were to high five a strongman I’d have strength that was extremely stronger than I should be capable of, the downside is I drain specifically one power per person, so super strength is useless without super resistance ti match, because more force and speed means even worse broken hand.” I made my eyes appear sad and held up my bruised hand from punching the wall.” ‘Ha idiot this is why you shouldn’t show off, also I’m not enjoying all this serious tone, I was happy and content with the cookies now I need more, humiliate all your opponents in the trials or tests or whatever, argh the names of things these days so awkward. Hmm what’s that over yonder.’ I felt an invisible hand tug me to the left, I turned to see a small group of students around three conversing, nothing abnormal about that, then after a non-real bitch slap I noticed some serious facial expressions and began reading the lips of the one person I could see the full face of, ‘Dude these tests are gonna be pretty ruff what’s the plan?’ Then the biggest of them all started talking after a few seconds my guy started talking again. ‘Really Doug that seems a little extreme?’ My curiosity got the best of me and I made a light excuse to leave. I then headed directly over to this group pouring all my effort into making my eyes seem light, knowing I was still smiling not that I could stop. “Hey fella’s hows it going, my names Chris nice to meet you.” I admit first impressions with me never went well, but this went in a direction I didn’t expect, they seemed content to include me. The big guy spoke first, “Sup my names Doug I’m a telepathic, though I’ve been told I don’t look it.” He put on an easy smile, I nodded lightly. The guy I was watching introduced himself next. “Hey I’m also Chris, I’m a mimic.” I titled my head. Irony. The last one was a girl. “Hi I’m Alice, nice to meet you, I’m an energy absorber.” She put up here hand to shake but I tilted my head slightly. “I wouldn’t do that if I was you, I’m a vampire mimic, so unless you want to go in there as weak as a new-born kitten you’ll refrain from skin contact.” I lightened my eyes, In an attempt to convey a smile. There was a lull in conversation for a second before Chris interjected. “I have to ask, what exactly is your look?” I laughed lightly at this, my appearance was as scary is it was creepy. Whitish gray skin, with pulsing black veins and jet black hair as greasy as humanly possible and my eyes are entirely black, I mean like my pupil exploded all inside my eyes. I was also unnaturally tall and deathly skinny, as well as having actually pointed teeth and my face frozen into a twisted smile, I was a monster to look at. I enjoyed it so much. I then spent the rest of the walk there chatting with these people and generally enjoying myself.

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  • Davii

    Could do with better editing. Seriously lacking in paragraphs and dialogue should be spaced so that when someone starts talking it’s on the next line. The result of the poor editing being that I’ve read three chapters and barely understand what’s going on. The writing style feels rushed and the text is crammed together in a way that makes it difficult to read. I hope you’ll re-edit as I’d be interested to try reading your story once it’s better formatted and more readable.