Chapter 20

Moving home was a simple affair, no clothes fit. My only personal possession is my weird hammock which no longer supported my increased weight. So I left it. My home was actually incredibly far away up in the mountains, it was modern in design but foreign in appearance, with white washed walls, brown boarded roofs and large glass panes dominating most of the area. I’d been gone a week and the jaw dropping amount of tech that had slipped into the place was distressing at this rate Finnas would have to create another house to just keep his inventions somewhere, wait he’d probably already done that. I spent most of my day relaxing with Mia, as Finnas had one rule, ‘If I’m Working Fuck Off’ of course this rule only applied to me, since the incident which is never to be spoken of occurred involving a minor explosion several million dollars in property damage and the immediate area becoming highly radioactive. Still I enjoyed my day at home, me and Mia watched a few movies ate popcorn and basically did nothing note worthy. By the time evening rolled around Finnas had done miracles and finished a suit with all the add-on’s you’d expect from him, like an electric pulse that can be activated by pressing center of the tie, as well as the fabric being bullet proof, flame proof and acid proof as well as explosion resistant but he said not to take a direct explosion to the face. He also did a little extra and made me a very special cane. It was polished black wood with a steel head carved into the shape of a monster baring it’s fangs. I kinda liked it. He showed me several of it’s functions which involved working as both a sword and a gun through methods I don’t want to or even begin to understand. It also could fire out small but deadly grenades of three different kinds, one was a basic grenade another was a poisonous grenade that I was immune to. He then jabbed me with a needle, as well as those to was also a shock grenade that sent out an electric pulse and fried everything within a few feet of it. Be it man or machine. I thanked him and he warned me to be careful, Great Uncle also seconded that and Mia give me a hug and told me to be careful. I went to bed shortly after that and slept like a rock.

Waking up I felt refreshed and anxious. I checked the time, six’o’clock. Great I was early, yawning I got up and headed of to get breakfast before I left, I had to report to an abandoned fire station by ten, so plenty of time. Breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, toast and sausages. I wolfed it down then put on my suit stored my several spares in a elegant black suit case grabbed my cane, stored my back up cane in a outer compartment of my suit case and headed for the door. Finnas was standing there waiting. “New you’d be one to leave so early, though I can’t decide if it’s because you don’t want a big goodbye or because your incredibly punctual or even both. I’m gonna miss you little bro and don’t get hurt or Mia with skin me alive for this. You know how she mothers over you half the time.” I laughed lightly at his remarks shook his hand and said goodbye, as I left a tear streaked down my face. I was leaving again. I hopped into my car, a black one but as I don’t really care about them that much the most I knew was it was efficient and a BMW. The drive itself was slow and boring, it took two hours before arrived. I stopped instinctively halfway up the road before getting out something inside me screamed trap I don’t know why but I ignored it, ignoring my instincts felt wrong to me in a primal way but I ignored it all and walked down the road. I felt I was being watched, I wanted to scream and run, I wanted nothing more than to leave. But I walked calmly down the street. After an eternity I reached the building. Not having much patience left and my little amount of self regard being pulled to it’s limits I kicked open the door and marched in. It was dark but I didn’t want to bother looking for a light. So I opted for the most simple method. I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a large bottle of whiskey. “I have alcohol don’t attack me and I’ll share?” Moments stretched onward, I was worried I looked stupid but then lights flickered on and several people emerged forward. “Alright you survive, but your entrance was a little cocky but we’re bored so you may survive your first day. I’m the leader of this little group they call me Drake like the little dragon things, I make things burn.” The guys face lit up in some kind of sick pleasure, odd. Before I could comment any further two men identical stepped forward. They spoke in turns seamlessly. “I’m Ball Buster and I’m Backhand.” Odd names probably a story in there. Next an incredibly average looking women stepped forward, only thing that made her stand out was her over the top costume. She looked like a flamingo basically. “I’m Regen, I heal stuff.” So simple and a tad stupid. Phantom stepped forward then. “Hmm a lot to look at, lot of muscle, you look quick. And tell me are those teeth real, eyes and skin too?” I laugh a deep haunting laugh. “My teeth can rip through human flesh like a knife through butter, don’t ask how I know, you don’t want to. As for the eyes, perfect eye sight and part night vision. Plus it can split from depth perception to full house view easily enough. And skin is well that actual color.” Phantom nodded approvingly. “Alright then now onto the next order of business, you mentioned a certain beverage?”

Chapter 19
21 'Scary Man'

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