Chapter 19 1

I laugh lightly at this. “Hey Bess, you’ll like these lot.” I strolled down and Evans threw a chair over to me I caught it and set it down and deposited myself in it. Finnas looked fairly amused at the course of events. “You know they say that the instructors for the program are usually so scary that half the freshmen quit out of fear.” Coach laughed, “oh yeah a few have left out of fear, but it ain’t because of us it’s him the big scary monster, this is the easiest year I’ve ever had, I’m I think someone is too weak, I set them up with Chris here, if they don’t shit themselves they stay. Now let’s see, usually I tell the family how their child is doing, what they can do to improve and their strengths. So let’s see Chris is basically done, we don’t have that much to teach him, he is basically as strong as most hero’s at the moment, all he needs is experience. That’s the key, he comes to every new fight and changes his entire style for that specific fight, he’ll do everything brand new, he doesn’t gain experience from a fight, he gains a new plan, a new style, a new form. And if he really wants to a new power. So if he did the fight again he’d have countless new styles and forms and plans to make. Even Evans here has a problem predicting his next movement and that’s his entire power. Not much to it other than that. In fact I was actually looking to see if I could have your consent to send Chris here out on some work experience. I have a friend that would take him out for the next month. I want to see how he reacts in a real situation.” I nearly fell out of my chair in surprise. I looked at my family in curiosity, would they let me go. Finnas answered first. “When would he leave, return and be?” Coach was prepared for this. “He leave Monday, return next parent day on the first. He’d be placed in the city three miles south of here. And in case your wondering he’ll be placed with the hero Phantom, he’s the subtlety worker for the hero team, Dawn. Odd name, but their minor league, they have five members including Phantom, two strongmen a healer and their leader An energy wielder. Phantom has the ability to create smoke and move around in it instantaneously. Useful for his line of work.” Great Uncle in his classiest way possible broached the only question I wanted to ask. “It is customary for the warriors here to dress up in cape and mask, does this mean Chris will too?” Coach chuckled. “I assume Chris will be wearing something that will service as his costume, we’d ask him to wear a mask but I honestly won’t make a difference unless it’s a full head mask what with Chris’s noticeable features. So basically Chris dresses up fancy and either beats up or scares people into becoming model citizens and when he returns he’ll have to beat me and all three instructors in a competition of their choosing and he passes this term. You will however be sent packages for ethics, I don’t know why that guys so persistent in keeping associated to you. But still what do you say Chris, a relaxing vacation for a month of beating up bad men then coming back to getting your ass handed to you again?” I laugh and look at my family. “What do you say?” Finnas became tight lipped but nodded, Great Uncle also nodded. I looked at Mia. She looked like she was going to cry. “Alright, but don’t you get hurt now or I’ll kick all your asses.” I laughed at that. “Alright then I guess I’m going. Hey can I go home for tomorrow and get prepared, just send me the details of when and where.” Coach nodded. I turn to Finnas, “so bro, is it to much to ask for you to design and make me a suit to best all suits?” Finnas nodded. “Well I was gonna go on a romantic getaway with Mia but I’ll do it but you have to babysit Mia while I do.” Mia piped up. “Don’t I get a say in this, what if I don’t wanna be stuck with loud mouth here?” GU spoke up in my defense. “Then you miss limited opportunity to make him watch bad romantic-comedies and listen to gossip.” Mia’s face lit up like a Christmas tree at that. “Oh that reminds me Chris you won’t believe what Dani and Roland did on Tuesday.” I groaned audibly. Coach looked on amused. “Chris why am I only slightly surprised that you’d wear a suit as a superhero costume? Seriously were did your obsession with suits stem from?” Finnas spoke up. “Haven’t you noticed he’s deeply psychologically unhinged?”

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