Old Legends Beginnings: Prologue

Old Legends Beginnings: Prologue

Since the public acceptance of Super’s by the United States government there has been controversy through many religions about their gods and prophets being Ancient Supers. Some Supers think they have godly powers when they compare themselves to others.  Some of those Super’s may be at that level, but not many will say if they believe the past Gods were Supers in their opinion or not. They had learned that even though some humans are weak, that they still have ways to get rid of Gods.

One Super that does not consider himself a god has finally received a response from Sizemore Tech’s Hero Certificate program. Being youthful this Super has lived in many different foster homes, and hopes that this package will bring about a change to his future. James Hail has been waiting anxiously for the last few days for this package since his other enrollments had been declined at Lander and New York due to funding issues with their programs.  He realized that this packet was large than the past two, and was excited to see on the last page his acceptance to Sizemore Tech.


Julies Vairn has Super attitude around others. Believing she is better than others just because she is a Super. She got what she wanted whenever she wanted it, but after the first few rejection letters from two of the Hero Certificate Programs, she started to feel a little put down. On the day that she received a envelope from the Sizemore Tech program she was nervous about being rejected again. She had her sister, Kailey Vairn, to open it and read it for her. She realized when it was open that it contained a lot more than the last to programs had sent which gave her a little more confidence. Then Kailey mad a sad face and made as if to rip up the last few pieces of paper. Julie just about started to cry when Kailey said, “Congratulations you have been accepted into Sizemore Tech’s Hero Certificate program,” with a huge grin.

“That is not funny!” Julie yelled back. She was either going to cry or laugh, but she ended up doing a little of both while Kailey hugged. “Okay since you did that to me, you owe me a bottle of good tequila so we can take shots to celebrate.” Julie spoke as they released.

“A bottle of tequila to see your face when I did that… Totally worth it!” Kailey said as she moved to grab her car keys. On her way out she heard her sister yell, “and don’t forget the lemon!”

Kailey just laughed as she thought about how her sister would react to the tremendous physical and mental fatigue that the HCP puts on their students. She would have told her, but she had to take it head on when she started so might as well let her little sister get surprised like she did three years ago when she started the HCP.

“Man she is in for a rough ride” Julies thought she heard Kailey say as she closed the door.


Robert Shu was not your average person. Sure he went to a normal high school and played normal sports. But not many people knew what he could do. His family is a long line of Supers that dates back way before Captain Starlight, and some of the family even said back to the times of the Gods.  Robert Shu might have believed that if his family were not middle income nobodies in a small town in rural Minnesota. It also did not help that he had not heard of any of his relations completing the HCP. He had set the goal since his powers appeared that he wanted to be the first in the family to get the cape.

After receiving a acceptance letter from Sizemore, he believed himself one step closer to his goal, but then he heard a few of his cousins were also trying to get into HCP schools. Robert then decided he needed to make sure he got past the first year. He started to head to the door when his mother spoke, “Robert where are you going?”

“To study… and train.” he spoke as the door shut.


Not everyone has good intentions for the Hero Certificate Program when they enter. Few people would dare to enter with bad intentions, but there is always that one person that could bring down the good in the world. Even if it was not on purpose.

Jill Aviator is a person that could do either a massive amount of good or a massive amount of bad to the world. It did not help her case that her parents were super politicians. She always had vile thoughts that she needed to suppress while around others. Jill had difficulty using her powers now and then, but she was still considered a super due to her parent’s connections and having some control.

She did not truly want to enroll in the HCP but her parents desires tend to trump her own, so she thought she could go through with it for a few years and maybe destroy a few things while being there. She was even happier that it was Sizemore Tech that her parent’s wanted her to go since she would be able to destroy their reputation at the same time as she went to school. She did not even need to look at her Acceptance letter to know that she was going to Sizemore since whatever her parents wanted tended to happen.

But this time her parents may be in for a rude awakening to learn about Jill’s desires.



Hello Readers. This will be my first publication of my works. I will try to have at least two written per a month, but I cannot say exactly which dates they will be posted. I will look forward to your comments and criticism since I know that is how good stories come about.



Old Legends Beginnings: Move in and Orientation

The beginning of a new school year tends to bring excitement and a great amount of stress to those students starting their first year of college. For some more than others, James Hail kept having trouble moving his luggage into his dorm room. It was not due to any strength or confidence issue, but whenever he is stressed he becomes very clumsy. After dropping his luggage for the sixth time, he looked around for a hidden place to place his bags. The first two doors he checked were locked so I tried the last door on the floor and found that it was open. Praising his shiny lucky star as he opened the door, he only had a few moments to realize that room was not empty in the liked he had hoped.

“Who the hell are you and why are you barging into my room?!” said a growling voice from a bunked bed.

James jumped out and slammed the door completely forgetting that he had already tossed a few of his bags in the room. After debating how to get his stuff back he finally decided knocking on the door would be the best option this time.

Knock. Knock. Kno…”Just open the door like last time you dummy.” said an exasperated voice.


James opened the door and put on his best apologetic face he could make before speaking. “Hello. My name is James Hail. James is fine. I am sorry about earlier I thought this was my r-room.” He stammered after realizing that the room looked much like a girl’s room. Looking around he finally spotted the occupant jumping down from her bed with a pair of short shorts and a sports bra on.

“How did you think this would be a guy’s room on the third floor when the floors are alternating boy-girl?” she said with a grin.

“Umm… well, I lost track of the floors?” he tried to sound calm while saying but realized at the end that he was just looking for an excuse that came out as a question.

She just laughed and pulled the rest of his stuff into her room before grabbing the key he had in his left hand. “You were pretty close, if not for the floor being wrong you would have had the right room.” She giggled at the end. “But I guess the being three floors off is quite a difference!”

He blushed and she continued giggling until, she decided he had been embarrassed enough. “Alright misdirection James, my name is Julies Vairn. And if you have not guessed you kinda came in at a very bad moment. But I guess giving you a hand to your room would not be too hard since 6 flights of stairs would make anyone want to grab a room on the first few floors. Just give me a few moments to grab some more decent clothing before I head out.”

James felt too relieved and grateful to her for helping that he stared at her beautiful 5’10” slim, tanned figure with golden hair that had a dash of lavender cascading down near her right ear.  He did not realize that she was also staring at him until a HRMPH came from her. He blushed again and turned around thinking that he really should be paying attention to what is going on around him today more than his inner thoughts.

Julies smiled as she grabbed a purplish shirt to go wither hair. She had been enjoying her own view when she shook herself out of the trance with the HRMPH. She liked that he was a bit taller than her and had well developed muscles showing through his tight polo shirt. After debating if she needed anything else, she grabbed a pair of flip-flops and grabbed a few of his bags. “Okay, let’s go James. Those stairs will not get any shorter just standing here.”

James breathed another sigh as he realized that having no elevator to his floor might be the death of him for the next year living in the crappy dorms at Sizemore Tech. Of course the only dorms that did not have an elevator had to be the one he lived in. He did not think he would mind when he was signing up thinking he would be near the bottom floors, but when he grabbed his keys his stomach did a turn realizing he might have made a mistake.

“I always thought I would be on the second or even the fourth floor in these dorms when I signed up,” he muttered after going passed the exit to the 4th floor. Hearing more giggles he looked up to see Julie shaking from laughter. “You got lucky that you live on the third floor.” He said to try and quell her giggles.

“Not really lucky, since I looked through the entire packet a few times before choosing where to live. Did you know that there was a separate section to the packet that asked which floor you would like to live on?” she grinned.

If James did not have four bags in his hands he would of faced-palmed. Thinking he probably missed much more important information he could not wait to get to his room to look at the packet again. Julies just continued giggling until they reached the sixth floor. Taking the hall on the right to the end they finally got to his room: 652.

“Finally!” he sighed as he got the door open to see a standard college dorm room with two beds, two desks, and two closets. He dropped his bags to the floor after stepping into the room to let Julies in. She threw the two bags she carried onto the far bed.

“I suggest you take the far bed. It looks like the window will give you a good view. Plus, you will not hear as much noise from the hallway.” She stated while kneeling on said bed to look out the window.

“Yea, you are probably right,” he commented as he got another good look in as she leaned towards the window more. “Also, you should probably stop staring at my ass so hard if you got more stuff to move in.” she stated after giving it a wiggle. He turned quick and went face first into the closet door. Julie just laughed more after hearing him hit the closed closet.

“Wow, am I really that easy to read?”

She smirked, “Well growing up as a girl with two older sisters; it was not hard to learn how guys react to certain situations.”

James laughed with her on this one. “Well I just have a few more items from my vehicle that I need to grab. After that is done, think you would want to grab lunch before orientation?”

She spun around quick after hearing the words orientation, “What orientation would you be speaking of? Classes do not start for another 5 days.”

“You may pay attention to small details we receive, but it is pretty easy to tell that you are in the HCP by being in this crappy dorm and not minding the stairs. And if that was not enough to tell me you are in it; your abrupt reaction kinda betrayed you.” He stated with his first smirk since meeting Julies as she blushed.

“In that case, I am down to eating after grabbing the rest of your stuff.”

As they head for the stairs they see a parent and a teenager coming up with a bunch of bags, more luggage then James had, and much more cursing from the teenager then James had used climbing the stairs. The two wait for them to leave the stairs and the door to shut before they laugh while going back to the first floor to grab the rest of James stuff. After they grab the bags and head back to the sixth floor. They realize that the two people they saw while leaving are actually organizing stuff around in James room.

“Hi, I am James Hail. Your roommate for the year to come,” he stated as he walked in. The teenager, a short, thin boy with half blue half brown hair smiles and says, “ Hello James. My name is Robert Shu. And this is my mother Karen Shu.” She smiles and just keeps sorting items out of one of the bags they had brought up.

While the two guys sized each other up, Julies butted in, “Well since you are moved in now James, I am going to go take a quick shower before we head to lunch.” She winked as James who realized that she was probably getting ready to freshen up when he sneaked into her room earlier. He grinned and said, “I will be down in twenty to thirty minutes depending if they need much help grabbing more stuff from their vehicle.”

She smiles and leaves happy after hearing his plans. Robert is trying to hide a grin as James turns around. James asks if they need help on their next trip. Which Mrs.Shu thanked him for and told them to run down and grab the last few items from the car.

“Man you have got to teach me how to get a girl like that,” Robert says as they pass the fourth floor. James missed a few steps after hearing Robert, “well that was kinda by luck if anything, but if you want I can see if she has any friends to bring to lunch for you.” James said offhand as they reached the first floor.

They grabbed the last load from the car before heading back to the sixth floor to deposit their loads onto the made bed with a throw rug in front of it. James was a little surprised that Robert’s mom had got that done already, until he looked over the rest of Robert’s side to see that all his stuff was unpacked and placed in immaculate order already.  He gaped until he looked at his side hoping and dreading to see if his stuff was unpacked already too. With some relief he moved some of his stuff off his bed to sit down while he waited to hear if Robert was good to go to lunch.

“Alright, let us go and eat.” Robert said as he set his last item into place.

“Wait, where did your mom go?” James asked.

“Oh she left a while ago.” Robert replied with smug grin.

“But we were only gone for like 15 minutes. She must move pretty fast to be able to set this all up and miss us while we came up the stairs.” James spoke nonchalant with a sideways look at his roommate.

“You could say that, and know you are not going to get a hint at my power before orientation.” Robert laughed out as James showed some exaggerated shock. “Now, let’s go get Julie and eat. I am famished after bringing all that stuff up here.” James stated with a smile.

After stopping to pick up Julie on the third floor the trio grabbed lunch at the local dinning center, and chatted a little bit about their lives and what they expected from the program. James kept most of his answers generalized so the other two would not think much about his background. After they finished eating and talking they realized that they should get to the orientation a little early. Then they hit a snag: how does someone get to orientation. They laughed and James pulling out his packet to see what the instructions were.

Lucky for them, Robert saw another student get into a hidden elevator nearby while James was looking over the packet. They found the button hidden behind a swiveling head and got into the elevator. Another person came on behind them and hit the button to the lower levels. They all heard him say “Freshmen” as they got off the elevators wondering what that was about.

They found others looking around near a few double doors that were not open yet. So they talked to pass the time, and tried guessing each other’s powers until the doors open. The students walked in and sat down to wait for the orientation to start when the doors were slammed shut.  All the freshmen looked back to see who had closed the door to see no one there. They then turned forward to find a stage with three people on it.

The center person moved forward to address the students. With a bright smile she started her speech: “Welcome future Hero’s to Sizemore Tech. I am Dean Rica, and I am glad to see seventy chairs filled with promising supers. You all have been selected to be part of Sizemore Tech’s Hero Certificate program; however, it will take hard work and determination on your end to make it to the robing ceremony. For the next four years you will be tested beyond your current abilities, and challenged far more than any of you could imagine. But that is for later; for today, I present to you the main teachers of your freshmen year. The class I will be teaching is Hero Ethics which is twice a week and deals with issues hero’s face throughout their career. “

“Now, the two professors standing behind me will introduce themselves so listen close to what they have to say.” She smiled and stepped back as a thin violet haired female moved forward.

“Hello Students. I am Professor Sadie Aries, and I am in charge of your conditioning and combat for the next year. You may call me Coach Aries or Coach. Anything else will end with you paying for it.” She stated all this in a confident voice with stern eyes that made more than a few of the students gulp. She stepped back to allow the other professor to speak.

“Hello students. I am Coach John Mildew. You may call me Coach Mildew or Professor Mildew. I will be your other teacher in conditioning in fighting styles. While you may think that this year will go smoothly since you have been at the top in your own respected towns, you will have a rude awakening in this course.” With his final statement making more of the students far more nervous than Coach Aries had; many students did not know what to expect when Dean Rica stepped forward again.

“As part of the Sizemore tradition, you will all be fighting very shortly. But first we need to go over some ground rules. Number one: No fatal attacks are allowed when fighting; you will fight to incapacitate not to kill. Number Two: everyone will fight if they want to stay in this program. You came here to learn to become Hero’s; all Hero’s will fight at some point in their career with some doing it more often than others. Number Three: The bracket is single elimination, but that does not mean you will be dead last rank if you lose your first match. Number Four: Males will fight males and females will fight females. Now that you know the rules you can see the brackets on the screens: males to your right and females to the left.  If you win or lose your fight, please follow the yellow line to the infirmary to heal up. When you are cleared to fight again, your name will show up with the next room that you will fight in. Questions?”  Seeing none, the Dean smiled and said ,”good luck to you all.”



Old Legends Beginnings: Trials

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