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I love to read. I even got a minor in literature when I was in college. I currently work at a global accounting real estate company punching numbers into computers every day. I enjoyed the content that everyone has been writing so much that I decided that I would also like to try... And I wanted more bonus chapters on Fridays. I hope you enjoy what I write, and I know that criticism is very necessary for writing and editing purposes.

Old Legends Beginnings: Prologue

Old Legends Beginnings: Prologue Since the public acceptance of Super’s by the United States government there has been controversy through many religions about their gods and prophets being Ancient Supers. Some Supers think they have godly powers when they compare themselves to others.  Some of those Super’s may be at […]

Old Legends Beginnings: Trials 3

Old Legends Beginnings: Trials With a final good luck to Julies, James and Robert moved over to their side to look at the bracket. While looking over the bracket they both sighed realizing that they would not be fighting each other during the first match.  With the realization, they both […]

Old Legends Beginnings: Classes Start

Old Legends Beginnings: Classes start Waking abruptly, James sat up in bed and almost got knocked back out. “Where am I? And why do I feel like I am burning up?” he says after getting another hit to the head. “Jesus-Mary and Joseph! Don’t do that!!” yelled a startled girl. […]