Chapter 18 1

I open the door to see the weirdest trio to ever grace the earth, a really cute girl, old man and weird copy paste of Chris with a changed color pallet. “Hi, are you Chris’s family?” I don’t know why I asked but I still felt bad for being mean to him. The Copy Paste answered fist. “Yes, I’m his brother Finnas, is he in?” I nodded and stepped sideways to allow then to enter. My own family said they’re on their way in now and would be here in an hour. Chris walked calmly down the stairs saw his family and froze. For a second I wanted to be anywhere else in the world but here, then Chris yelled out ‘Hey’ and they all rushed to say hello to each other and hug and get caught up. Finnas then spoke up, “brother we’ll only be having a short visit today, and I would very much like to meet your teachers, I’m sure they’ll tell me many funny tales of all your defeats.” He laughed and Chris nodded and left. I stood there in silence for a few moments. Then Kalie stumbled down the stairs. “What was all that?” I looked at her. “Chris’s family.” She nodded and left, then doubled back and looked shocked. “They’re here?” I nodded she ruched down stairs and looked out the door. She ducked back in and looked at me. “Weird.” I nodded.
I strolled past the rest of the houses though I noticed people staring out windows and looking with open curiosity. Great Uncle noticed too. “So tell me, what have we done to become such an oddity in this place?” I chuckled at the statement. “People are just curious to see what my family looks like, I’m a bit of a me here really, most of these people came here with minimal formal training and spend most of their time here learning the limits of their power, I seemed to have skipped that stage, I’m already friendly among seniors here, and yesterday some of the sophomores have come to me asking for help and training. This is actually turning out to be more fun than I expected.” I noticed that Mia was looking sideways as me. “Spill tiny.” She frowned a little. “Three questions first, how are you so grown up so fast, it’s the first week and you gained a few weight classes with pure muscle. What gives Chrissi?” I groaned at my nickname. “Well I did drain a super duper strongman so with all the strength my body had to change to accommodate the raw power.” Mia’s eyebrows rose to an ungodly height on her tiny head. Finnas interrupted. “How much strength are we speaking of?” I flexed on instinct. “Let’s see, I don’t have a raw figure yet, but a full strength punch will shatter my entire arm so badly it took a healer three hours to fix. See this is my frowny face right here folks.” It was my normal face, doll-like smile in place. GU interrupted quickly. “Chris attitude.” I nodded, “sorry.” Mia interrupted, “okay question two, what’s with the no suit, I’ve never seen you out of one in years, you remind me of little you right now, I’m getting all nostalgic right here. Hey remember that time I made you wear that dress.” I laugh lightly, “yeah, I’m still living that one down, but hey I looked good.” Mia did here tinkling little laugh all my homesick feelings disappeared. “Okay, I’m gonna answer this one with a question. Mia, remember the clothes I brought with me, they fit skinny me. Am I skinny?” She shook her head, then after a few empty seconds, comprehension dawned. She was just as slow as always. “Finnas you don’t let this one go, you’ll never find someone who can match your intellectual superiority like this one.” I draped a big arm around those two, and lightly squeezed. When I released, Mia was pouting and Finnas smiled politely, he was distracted with something. “Alright Mia remember that final question you had, now or never.” She looked up opened her mouth, then flushed, then said the most, motherly thing I’ve ever heard from her. “So you live in a house with a pair of twins, your not doing anything inappropriate?” I laughed, Finnas laughed and GU laughed as well. Yeah I wish. “No don’t you worry your pretty little head.” We arrived at the big building in time to end Mia motherly madness. Mental alliteration. We strolled in just as Kadar and a man that looked like the poster child for ‘Hard As Nails Military Commander.’ The man strode out and Kadar followed awkwardly. “Just give him a moment to explain sir.” I half-freeze at the entrance, should I try and help or not. I hear a small cough and look at Great Uncle. Dammit. I turn on my heels and glide like a ghost the three feet over to Kadar. “Need a hand?” Kadar looked at me and relief flooded his face. “Sir this is the guy.” The man froze. He turned looked at me for a few seconds then asked “So your the boy who took my kid’s power. What gives you the right?” During this he’d strode over to me, he was a tall man but still shorter than me. During this time a small amount of pain built up around me like a cage. I huffed a little, I didn’t have the patience for these things. “Simple, he didn’t deserve it. He used it against me, so I took it. He challenged me and lost, is it my job to go take it up with every guy with some emotion problems. No but if someone thinks its alright to use they didn’t earn, something they just got. If they use that for the wrong reasons, if they corrupt then I will take it up with them. For example… You, why don’t you withdraw your pitiful little power or I’ll double back all that pain on your worthless hide the old fashion way.” At this I took a step forward. He retreated two, the pain disappeared. Fear flashed across his face, then rage took it’s place. He threw a large amount of pain at me but I knew there was more so I stood crossed my arms and waited. I’d gained a very large amount of control over my body in this last weak. I understood how this power worked and it held little power over me now. During this the man’s face turned red and he threw even more pain at me, my muscles flexed instinctively and my nerves burned like they were draped in hellfire. I turned my head to Kadar. “So I’m assuming your the only member of your family with even the smallest amount of self control. My voice was a little shaky but I stood firm. I felt like he was holding back. I was sadly right a wave of pain several times what I was experienced flowed up in front of me. The man’s face warped into that of pure sick pleasure. “Not so big now are you?” I threw out a concentrated dose of pain into his right leg. It faltered, I threw another into his left, he dropped to one knee. I shot out at his chest. He stumbled back. Confusion clouded his face. “How?” I stepped forward, “simple, your power is the ability to stimulate nerves within the body as well as the brain. You naturally use this to cause pain, it’s the most blunt and basic attack you can use, but your power can be used for so much more than that. For example have you ever noticed how you sometimes flinch or jump at something out of ‘instinct’? I find it easier to mimic the feeling you get from certain things that cause people to act in a certain way, like a puppet on strings.” I shot out at both his feet simultaneously. He jumped, I then shot out at the left of his head, it snapped back, I mirrored the action with the right. He stumbled back as if being punched by an invisible boxer. I strode up to him stopped right in front of him. I then placed my hand around his throat. Smoke enveloped him, I didn’t drain him but instead reversed the action almost flipping his power. I let go and the man dropped to his feet. Looking confused. I turned and walked away, noticing the shocked expression on Kadar’s face. I tried to look sorry. “I’m sorry but it had to be done.” I walked on. My family looked slightly uncomfortable, but they were familiar to my brutal form of justice. “So what did you do?” Mia asked it softly almost afraid of the answer. “I basically gave him an ultimatum, he can either learn to use his power for something other than causing pain or he’ll be a normal person, like you.” She looked surprised. “How’d you do that.” I walked on so that others wouldn’t hear. “I flipped his power, instead of sending his power out to harm those, he can only strike at himself. So while he may hate me, he can’t hurt me unless he get’s sneaky or stupid.” GU looked at me. “Good enough young one, good enough.” I nodded, unsure for a second, was this a test? We arrived down in the training area. to see coach and the other three instructors sitting down looking bored. Bessie saw us first. “Hell fucking yeah, something more interesting than a bunch of bitch ass parents.”

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