Survival of the Fittest: Chapter 17 2

I was in awe at this freshmen, I mean he nearly beat me on his second day. Hell he did it using an ability he’d gained mid-fight. And that monster he turned into, people thinks he’s scary as he is know. The guy turned into a muscle-bound hell demon, no face either, but his senses were hyper aware. And those blades on his arms, curved like his knifes black as the darkest shadow with silver etched into them. Those were that guy’s two main colors weren’t they. And his wings he didn’t use them but they looked deadly in themselves black and silver again with a webbing of transparent shadows nearly. I’m still a little terrified of him. God knows what his family will be like when they come in. in five days. I put my hand up to my face running a hand along the place where he cut me, no scar.
“So let me get this straight you beat Bessie and nearly beat Coach?” Chris nodded a cold sweat breaking across his face. He much be dying after that. “Alright then how did you beat Bessie?” I was genuinely curious. I looked a Kadar also to see he was also watching. “Well I removed my gloves and slowly drained her strength, each punch used a little of her own strength against her, I was getting stronger and stronger while she was getting slowly weaker and weaker. I’m faster as well so she couldn’t catch me. Really it was a matter of luck if nothing else.” I nodded not really believing what i was hearing he used a simple plan and slowly beat the most strongest person in the world. “Alright then what was your plan with coach then?” He coughed a bit and wiped away the sweat covering him and continued. “Well she’s stronger, faster and any injury I left on her healed instantly as evident from the cube I used on her, it was the little one I had you play the game on, it compressed and blew out a chunk of her shoulder. SO the only way I could beat her was with one clean strike that took her down. But I wasn’t powerful enough to last very long against her. actually only managed to come so close by fluke. A shifter in our class, Dan was near by so I used Jerhico’s pain ability to stun her and then another ability I puck up to create stone warriors to hold her down and then raced over drained Dan and took his trigger, which is actually Orange Juice, I then shifted and became strong enough to go toe to toe with her, but her experience and skill meant I could only hold her of and not beat her. So I shifted back and she knocked me out.” Chris leaned back in his chair exhausted. “Alright then I then we should get you home Chris you look ready to die. “Yeah well I’m entitled to it, day one got me two torture sessions, day two meant battling to number one in my year then taking down a tank and then without any rest battling Coach.” He struggled to his feet and then me and Kadar took one arm and half dragged, half carried him out. He was too big to keep from dragging his knee’s of the ground. With some direction from him we managed to get him to his home and up to his room he then thanked us and collapsed into a hammock. It was a weird giant thing that looked incredibly uncomfortable. I left with Kadar, “wow mad respect to the big guy, he’s taken more of a beating than any person is entitled to.” Kadar nodded. “Yes Chris is made of unusually more durable stuff than most. I wonder what his family will be like when they visit.
Their questions were answered that Saturday. The rest of the week was rather mundane for Chris the Agility test was a series of obstacle courses. Chris came number one with ease in that one. And the Intelligence test was a series of simulation battles which Chris also came number one in. The ethics classes turned out to be an unusual affair as the professor would randomly ask Chris a question about his past, or his people. Which was awkward. The extra training with Kadar became a sparring session among friends. By the time family day rolled round everyone was curious to see who would arrive to see Chris. And the three people that did were not at all what was expected. They arrived in a white car, strolling into the parking lot and walking. The first to arrive was the oft mentioned Mia, she was a little taller than average height, slender with an angelic face, and emerald eyes with long flowing black hair. She wore dirty jeans and a tank top and a normal jacket. The one Chris called Great uncle was a incredibly ancient looking man wearing monk robes, he was oddly short, but with a calm friendly face. And Finnas the elder brother was a copy paste of Chris, his only difference was color, he had silver hair and eyes but had full control of his facial functions. He wore a suit like Chris’s but had a white shirt and black tie. He also had white lining to his waist coat and over coat. He wore no gloves however but had a white version of Chris’s black ring. They were both opposite and the same of each other. It wasn’t natural.

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2 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest: Chapter 17

  • Rightblad34

    I like the story so far. The style does get confusing sometimes when it is switching characters. Overall, I am looking forward to learning more about Chris and what school he is going to.

    • JohnPio Post author

      I’m sorry if the writing style is kinda off, but then I’m not exactly an experienced writer as for the location of the school, I actually don’t know were it is yet, I leave it open for your own opinion. Also it’s a private super academy, haven’t you noticed how no one goes to any classes besides hero ones. Yeah so it’s less of a school more of a testing grounds.