Chapter 16

“Alright then Chris ready yourself we’re doing this proper.” Coach was determined now, great. “So rules then?” I asked looking for a cheat or something to use. “Lets see, no excessive attempts at murder no using hostages and you can only use what weapons you have on you.” Coach then pulled out a lethal looking spear from behind her. I myself reached into my coat and pulled out to curved knifes. “Alright Three, Two, One Go.” She rushed me, using superior speed to catch me before I could flinch. She then used the butt of the spear to throw me backwards. I flipped mid-air and landed awkwardly stumbling. She gave no quarters though rushing me again. I saved my self by pulling out the cube I’d shown Damien earlier. I Jumped with all my new strength. Pain erupted in my legs at the excess pressure but I carried on, rising up I had just enough time to press the center button before she leaped up after me I tapped the bottom right button just as she whirled the spear tip across my chest leaving a nasty cut. I plummeted to the ground like a meteor. Right before impact I let go of the cube. It expanded out knocking me back. The image was a square with an ‘x’ though it. Coach tried to dive through it but the little square blocked her path, it compressed on top of her. It took a big chunk of her shoulder out. Blood sprayed forth but was gone in a second as the wound healed perfectly. Fuck. I needed another plan, can’t beat her as I am. Need more power. I looked around and noticed Dan, the hulking shifter. Shifter that could work. I sprinted directly towards coach she reacted by leveling the spear head directly at me. I faked a slide, but pulled of a move nearly impossible flexing my legs into a jump shredding the muscles in my leg. I flipped over her. I stabbed my left knife directly at her head. It sliced directly down her face. She knocked it out of my hand and broke my wrist. I landed roughly and threw all the pain directly at her legs. She dropped to her knees I summoned all ten stone warriors and had them dog pile on her. She was buried beneath them. I raced across to Dan. “Trigger?” Dan looked funny but pulled out a bottle of something. I grabbed it from him, then grabbed him and drained with all I had. I was careful to control the drain so he could use his powers freely. Once I had enough, he passed out. I turned back to miss who had just freed herself. I downed the bottle of what turned out to be orange juice. My body started shuddering uncontrollably. I dropped to my knee’s and everything went black.
I opened my eyes to see the world moving in slow motion. Weird, then I saw Coach moving in normal speed. I look down  at myself then realized I had no face. I was sensing not seeing. I also noticed I had wings. I was also the same height but up a few weight classes being covered in muscles I looked down to see my arms had two huge blades sticking out of them pointing down. Holy shit. I looked up to see Coach racing towards me. I flexed my black wings and dived forward and then battle ensued, I went from block, parry, dodge and deflect to attack, feint, dodge, attack, strike. This intricate battle went on for what felt like hours to me but was only an hour. Then my vision darkened and I realized I was returning to normal form. Darkness consumed me. 
I open my eyes to see an exhausted coach opposite, I try to stand but my strength was gone, I look up to see her stand stumble over and point the spear at me. “Surrender?” I shake my head. She clubbed my head and darkness consumed me.
I open my eyes again to darkness. I try to stand but I was strapped down. I look around to see a short guy walk in. “Hey.” My voice was weak and barely audible but he heard me and looked surprise. “Ah my favorite patient is awake at last. Let me check your vitals.” He closed his eyes and golden light issued from his hand. “Alright your good. You are very curious person your anatomy is barely human and seems to be constantly changing and evolving. But anyway you came in here with severe nerve damage, muscle damage so severe we thought you might not be able to move ever again, as well as near complete organ shutdown, you were slowly dying in there. It’s a miracle your even alive, but hey it goes to show my amazing skill and ability.” The man smiled and started to leave. “Wait can you unstrap me please.” The man nodded and removed the straps holding me. I immediately began to rise out of the bed. “Hold up there, your bodies healed but your still incredibly weak you should stay here for the night.” I asked what time it was and he said four, I asked what day, he said still the same day. I nodded waited for him to leave then got up. I immediately dropped to the ground and almost blacked out but stayed conscious. It took me five minutes to be able to stand another ten till I could move and half an hour to stumble out of the infirmary. I had to sneak past the reception as the healer was still there. I noticed I was wearing a completely white shirt and trousers. No underwear or anything, It’s been ages since I didn’t wear a tie, I wasn’t enjoying myself. I made it out there to the hall and then I skipped up to the entrance and then I left and went home, I got home and changed into a new suit identical to every other, black trousers, jacket, waist coat, and over coat and shirt but with silver tie, and lining on the waist coat and over coat. And black dress shoes. I also put on my black leather gloves. And my silver wrist watch. I noticed my family ring was missing. Fear flashed through me. I raced back to the infirmary, I went straight to the healer. “What were did you go, were did you get these clothes?” I coughed. “I went home and changed. I have a question were is the black smoke glass ring with silver engraving I was wearing go?” The healer looked confused then he face lit up. “Ahh yes interesting piece, I believe it’s in a drawer along with your other personal belongings that weren’t ruined.” He led me to his office and opened a drawer, I saw it immediately.I grabbed it and slipped it onto my finger and then put my glove on over it, I then grabbeb several other items and stored up my over coats many coat pockets. I also grabbed my phone. “Thank you.” I was about to leave when the healer stopped me with a question. “Why is it so important?” I froze by the door long enough to say. “My mother gave to me on her deathbed. I have rarely taken it of for longer than a few minutes in the years since I’ve had it.” I then left. I went to the cafeteria just as the freshmen arrived. I entered the door opposite them and continued forward, they all saw me and froze. I’d apparently garnered quite the reputation here. I sat down at the table with the seniors who all welcomed me, Damien was the first to ask the big question. “I’ve heard some crazy rumors about you.”

Chapter 15
Survival of the Fittest: Chapter 17

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