Chapter 15

I am not amused here. I decide to switch things up a bit. I’ll use Jerhico’s power for this one, he’s a telepath he needs to be able to think to fight. When siren rings I threw a light ray of pain at his right leg. All while I sprinted at him. Doug fell on his hands and looked up in time to see my fist hit his face. He slumped to the ground unconscious. The match declared a win and I did some quick math to see how many were left. I think there roughly sixty so divide by two, thirty then again so fifteen and again so eight. Two more matches. I walked into a room to see a small army facing me. A guy I haven’t met yet was standing there. He looked confident enough. I nod at him. “Hello I’m Chris.” The guy snorted. “Your ugly that’s what you are, so your this big Chris hanging around with the seniors huh? Well you ain’t got nothing on me my army is unstoppable, all controlled by my will.” He laughed an ugly laugh. He gave me all I needed to know, he controlled them mentally. So remove his ability to think. Siren went and I threw a fair dose of pain at his head. He dropped to the ground holding his head, his army dissolved. I raced forward and punched his face. This was getting a bit repetitive. I decide this guy might be useful. I removed my glove and touched his head. Smoke enveloped him and I drained a fair bit of power of him then left. I continued through the tunnel to see a big hulking, ten foot tall dude standing there. “Hey I’m Chris and you are…” I look up at him expecting an answer. “Dan.” I nod and prepare myself. Siren went and the guy ran forward, I use the jackass’s power to summon a four guys to from the ground to grab his legs, he tripped and fell putting his arms out to catch himself. But I summon more stone men to grab his arms. I realize that ten is my limit. So I race forward and punch the guy in the face with all my strength. It dazes him so I continue pummeling him until he stops moving. I check his pulse and he’s alive. He begins to shrink down to normal size. I walk calmly on to my final match hoping for a challenge. I then stop myself. I’m not usually this bloody thirsty or cocky. Stop Chris, calm and collected never go looking for a fight. Be glad that you’ve had it easy this far. I enter the tunnel and come through to see someone I don’t know standing there. “Hey I’m Chris you are?” The girl responds. “I’m Valerie, I sing.” She said it all in a sing song voice. I nod and laugh. This could be interesting. The siren rings and this girl starts singing out a tune for some son I don’t know. My body freezes and I can’t move. I use my will to summon a stone warrior from behind her. It then punches the back of her head lightly. She drops like a rock. My body becomes free and I rush forward to check her. Alive. Good I thought I used a little to much force but I wasn’t sure. Well that was easy I beat all my opponents within a minute. And now I’m done. A tunnel opens and I follow it out to see a crowd of people waiting. A small group of people moved in and carried out Valerie. Several groaned and somebody muttered rip of. “So what did I miss?” Doug who was now up and about answered. “Well we were betting to see who won. Apparently this is the fastest year ever it only took ten minutes. Also congratulations your number one. All you have to do now is beat coach and Bessie.” They all laughed and I did too. Please don’t be serious. I was then lead across to coach who was standing there waiting. “Ready for an ass whooping?” I tried desperately to frown but settled for a sad looking nod. I followed her across to a bigger room. “Alright count of three you’ll fight Bessie after that you’ll fight me. Got it good. Three two one go.” She shoved me forward and I dropped to a slide right by a punch by Bessie. She laughed. “I’m a strongman just so you know. An Armageddon level Strongmen.” She laughed and I groaned. I rose turned and ducked to dodge another punch. “I’m assuming super resistance comes along with this as well?” She laughs and nods. I groan and dive away. I rise. “Alright then I’ll be serious as well.” I took of my gloves and set them in my pocket. “This could be fun.” Bessie came like a train. dodge deflected and dodged for a few minutes. Slowly pumping in punches and smacks. against her skin. Each punch delivered a smokey blast against her. We followed this pattern for a while, time lost meaning. Sweat beaded my forehead, my breathing became strained. But so did Bessie. I notice that the entire class was around. So I made note to use them if necessary. Cold but may be needed. After a few more minutes she finally slipped up. She over shot a punch and left her face exposed fully. I crippled her over it. I deliver several blows to the face lightning face and then hopped up onto her back and grabbed onto her face, Black smoke covered her body. I summoned up a few stone men who dealt several blows to her body. Slowly weakening her. She fell to her knee’s then to her hands. I hopped of and the black smoke left. She coughed and spluttered away for a few seconds then I delivered a hay maker to the face. There was a sickening crunch and she dropped. I panted in exhausted. hands on my knee’s I breathed in. I managed to look up eventually. To see complete shock covering every face. I stretched my shoulders body burning. I looked down to several layers of muscle covering my, I looked pretty ripped now. In fact my damn clothes were stretched to their limit. I flexed my arms and my clothes ripped. “Huh super steroids cool.” I looked up at coach who was standing warily. “So uh who next.”

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