Chapter 14

I felt like shit. I tugged my head up to see I was buried in a pile of bodies. My head was banging and my stomach was killing me. I use my power to move through everyone in the pile and get up. I solidify then and move to the door, not willing to open it I run through and head down hall to bathroom. I hear a deep humming noise and before I can think I run through the door to see Chris standing there wearing only his trousers and in the process of buttoning up his shirt which was white today. None of that I noticed what I did notice was the horrible scarring along one side of his chest and the large tattoo on the other. I saw no more as I rushed over to toilet lifted lid and expelled everything in my stomach. Chris calmly grabbed the rest of his clothes and left. But I barely noticed I was hurling away. And when my stomach was empty I crawled up in a ball and felt like shit for the next ten minutes. Then a glass of water was set next to me as well as some aspirin. I managed to mutter thanks sis. But she was already gone. As I lay there the memories of last night came back to me. me and Kalie came back to the house after lunch with a bunch friends we’d made during the day, then somebody decided to go put on a movie and we watched that, then someone thought they saw someone move by the door then somebody, I can’t remember who went to investigate. They went in and came back screaming Monster a minute later, we all rushed in to see Chris standing there with a bottle of Jack Daniels and seeming pretty pissed off. He left and someone raided all the drink and food and brought them back to the living room, then we all got pretty drunk and I think I saw Chris come down to the kitchen and someone called him in and then I think we started yelling at him and stuff. I felt horrible for a completely different reason now. I remember the last thing I said to him “Your Ugly, leave.” I cried a little I’m such a horrible person. The door to the bathroom opened, and Chris walked in. “Class starts in twenty minutes, if you want breakfast I managed to scrounge together some pancakes get ’em while their hot.” He turned and left, I heard muffled voices so I assumed he’d done same for Kalie and our friends. Saint Chris.
Bitches, bitches and bitches. Why do I have to have a soft spot for people. I stretched and continued into the living and finished cleaning up by taking the last two bottles out to the bin, which was now full. I groaned in dismay and went and emptied it. I then flicked on the TV for a few minutes but soon hungry, hungover people slowly streamed out to try their look with a few pancakes their young hangovers aren’t that bad yet, but they downed a bottle of my specially concentrated Jack Daniels. When all the food was consumed I told them to go they’re gonna be late for class. They rushed out towards the big building. I just walked calmly staying well behind the herd. I then passed them all right before the entrance. I waved at the receptionist as I walked by and she smiled. I then continued on down to were coach was last day to find the majority of the year there already with a few stragglers. I nodded at the small group I knew and stood next to them, I noticed that Alice was missing. I then realized she was one of the herd I’d ushered here. My herd entered and dispersed throughout the room to their respective groups. With everyone there Coach began talking. “Alright now in a few moments you’ll all be ushered into the rooms to my left here where you’ll fight one v one in a tournament style till we have a number one. Now this doesn’t determine your over rank just your rank for strength. Alright go you’ll be directed from in there.” We did as she ordered and I was ushered into a small waiting room till a green light lit telling me to go into the tunnel to my first fight.
I entered into a small room to stand across from Chris, irony. “Hey how’s it going Chris, what powers you got right now?” I asked. His face burned red. “No one at the moment. I kinda forgot to grab someone on the way in.” I almost believed him but just didn’t quiet. A siren went of meaning the start of a fight. I race forward diagonally just in time to dodge a wave of purple energy fly pass me. I then ducked in and lightly punched him in the face knocking him out. Easy. The match ended I was ushered through a door to my left to come see Alice emerge. Weird. “Hey partner, I assume your the source of Chris’s power back there?” She smiled and nodded.” I then leaned forward to the right a bit making it look like I was gonna do the same as last time. When the siren went of I rushed forward and slide down just as a wave of purple energy rushed forward at waist level. It missed me completely. but a second wave came nearly immediately after a straight blast right at me. I used my advanced strength to leap over it and land behind her. Before she had a chance to react, I delivered a elbow to the back of her head knocking her out. I then waited for match to be declared a win. And then continued through a tunnel to she Doug coming through. Okay what the hell are these odds.

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