Second String Supers: Freshman Intrigue: Meet The Freshman Class 2

Since as the writer I have a hard time keeping track of who everyone is and what they do, I assume that some of the readers might have similar struggles with the ludicrous number of characters that my brain decided, for some reason, was a great approach to my story. So everyone, meet the Overton HCP Freshman Class by rank!

#1 Amelia Jacobson – 6’2″ extremely skinny white female. Has long dirty blonde hair that she keeps in a single large braid. Extreme super strength and durability

#2 Erin Casse – 6′ athletic and attractively built white female. Has shoulder length hair that she wears in several random styles and colors with her ability. Light and EM distortion abilities as a result of a Supernormal anatomy which also grants her extreme flexibility and increased muscle density

#3 Collin Gauge – 5’11” extremely muscular white male with crew cut reddish orange hair. Shifts into a crystaline humanoid form with Super strength and extreme durability

#4 Kyle Sawara – 5’9″ skinny and somewhat androgynous Japanese/American male with stringy black hair just shy of shoulder length. Shifts into ‘succubus’ form with illusionary abilities

#5 Gerard Finne – 6’2″ athletically built white male with short carefully styled blond hair. Can generate highly mobile kinetic barriers

#6 Ben Pelley – 6’1″ muscular built black male with short curly black hair. Super strength and durability

#7 Marilyn Simmons – 5’8″ average build white female with long black hair. Shifts into a somewhat anthrocized bear form with super strength and heightened senses

#8 Rorie Samuels – 6’3″ heavily built Samoan male with short spiky black hair. Creates handheld orbs that can be thrown to explode on contact.

#9 Aaron Sexton – 6′ average built white male with short wavy blonde hair. Generates an aura that induces disorientation and hallucinations

#10 Lisa Shang – 5’3″ stocky build Chinese/Irish female with significant body tattoos (mythical creatures) and a multi-color dyed pixie haircut. Can exhale multiple various elemental force types (fire, cold, air, etc)

#11 Teresa Montez – 5’5″ petite framed hispanic female with nearly knee length straight black hair (worn in various styles during training to prevent entanglement). Teleporter with ability to teleport touched objects/persons away from herself and accelerate them while doing so

#12 Mark Jansen – 6’3″ athletically built white male with short curly auburn hair. Air manipulator (can direct blasts and fly limitedly)

#13 Susan Owens – 5’10” average build white female with medium length reddish orange hair. Shifts into a terrifying looking black skeletal marionette with freakishly unnatural movement patterns and super strength.

#14 Zach Snider – 5’8″ lightly built white male with extremely short dark brown hair. Can create some form of nearly invisible force whip/flail

#15 Kenneth Kaufman – 6′ heavily built white male with a shaved head. Can reflect energies that strike his body but still suffers from any associated physical impact

#16 Iris Todd – 5’11” skinny white female with shoulder length blond hair. A speedster capable of clocking an approximate six second mile.

#17 Ramón Carerra – 6’4″ muscular hispanic male with messy medium length black hair. Super strength with low end super speed

#18 Rodney Plankett – 5’10” average build white male with short brown hair. Can induce severe fatigue and disorientation by maintaining eye contact

#19 Roger Colton – 6’5″ extremely lanky black male with slicked back black hair. Fire elemental projector

#20 Wilma Perez – 5’4″ very busty hispanic female with very short brown hair. Generates and secretes various contact venoms and poisons in her skin

#21 Jon Glenn – 6′ skinny white male with shoulder length blonde hair. Creates various ‘hard light’ constructs

#22 Liam Mathews – 6’1″ average build white male with very short curly red hair. Shifts into a tiny draconic form with very fast flight and self-described ‘laser breath’

#23 Miguel Trujillo – 5’10” average build hispanic male with medium length curly brown hair. Earth elemental controller/manipulator

#24 Barry Jeung – 5’9″ lanky build Korean/American male with short black hair. Can enlarge handheld objects and distort their shape while doing so. Ability causes obects to degrade rapidly with repeated use and objects revert rapidly to original size when contact is lost

#25 Tara Warren – 5’6″ slightly plump white female with tightly tied back red hair. Technological Brilliance class super, chemist type specializes in ‘combat drugs’

#26 Louise Garcia – 4’11” extremely petite hispanic female with short black hair. Generates electricity internally with a great degree of precision, can discharge with physical contact

#27 Tasha Johnson – 6’6″ very muscular black female with crew cut dark brown hair. Exceptional self healer that’s still working on the ‘healing others’ part of her ability

#28 Maryann Copeland – 5’7″ slim white female with long dark brown hair. Can charge any object small enough to completely cover with her hands to cause it to explode a few seconds after she releases it.

#29 Scott Jameson – 5’6″ small framed white male with messy light brown hair. Can generate extremely powerful magnetic forces at extremely short ranges

#30 Eloise James – 5’4″ average build white female with short white hair. Can make herself invisible and effectively intangible but cannot perceive her surroundings while intangible

#31 Alexandra Andrews – 5’2″ petite white female with dirty blonde hair. Can mimic powers from nearby supers for limited durations

#32 Michael Karl – 5’10” average white male with medium length black hair. Advanced Mind telepath + telekinetic

#33 Kaori Kimura – 5’5″ petite Japanese female with short blue/black hair. Healer with added ability to induce pain or fatigue by touch

#34 Alvera Batiz – 5’9″ average build hispanic woman with medium length wild brown hair. Nearly impervious to physical harm, no super strength or endurance though

#35 Antoin Montaine – 6′ average build white male with short very light blonde hair. Healer.

#36 Matt Jason – 5’10” stocky white male with short brown hair. Can manipulate materials around him to be harder, softer, sticky, bouncy, or permeable

#37 Catalina Blake – 5’10” athletically built hispanic woman with medium length auburn hair. Telepath, non-telekinetic. Can ‘piggyback’ for aural and visual stimuli from people in a wide area around her and can project telepathically.

#38 Gretchen Newton – 6′ average white female with short blonde hair and extremely purple eyes. Can generate stasis fields that slow movement

#39 Beulah Abbott – 5’7″ athletically built middle-eastern female with very short dark brown hair. Teleporter

#40 Ty Rodins – 6’1″ heavy built black male with messy black dreadlocks. Technological Brilliance type super specializing in polymers and alloys

#41 Sean Tannen – 5’11” heavy built white male with short dark brown hair. Can manipulate and rapidly grow plants

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