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A Change of Pace – Chapter 5 4

Reaper’s world was a mix of sweat and blood as she stumbled across the rooftop frantically looking for cover. <Stupid…Stupid…Stupid,> she berated herself as she swiveled her head around looking for their assailant. The intelligence brief said it was supposed to be a simple jewelry heist. A couple guys with […]

Echos: Chapter – IV 6

Chapter – IV The freshmen class did as the dean said, but they did so abuzz at what they had just heard. Frustration bubbled over having to maintain a cover identity or their above-ground grades, curiosity about their HCP classes, but mostly they were talking about the impending battles. “What […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 36 4

Jia was the first one to arrive at her Ethics class. This wasn’t new.  She wasn’t sure if it was exhaustion from the demanding HCP schedule or boredom with the subject matter but no one seemed eager to turn up for Ethics.  For others, this was a class to be […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 37 3

For a precog, the Gym Final briefing meant waiting forever. Alley had risen early on the last day of classes and, after taking her morning meds in the privacy of the shop, had rustled up a good breakfast for everyone.  One by one, they rose from the grave of finals […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 6 3

Townhouse #117 was conveniently located. The previous evening all the inhabitants walked across the narrow street to enjoy the culinary delicacies of the dining hall. To call what they ate food pushed the word to the limit of its definition, and the circulating rumor was the cooks threw a healthy […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 38 8

Finn expected a Falklands War at most, or possibly a Normandy.  What he got instead was the Crimean. From the instant he emerged from his cell, the Lambert Acres battle plan went to hell.  Alley’s scream almost made him stumble but by the time she finished her orders, he’d already […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 7 6

Daisy’s stony expression cracked under the shocked looks and exclamations from the Heroes in training. She couldn’t stop the chuckle from reaching her lips. She was supposed to be the worse cop in their little introduction duet, but this was just too priceless. “What!” “Is this a joke…” “But there […]

Echos – Chapter V 1

Author’s Note: I accidentally mislabeled (and mis-posted) chapters 5 & 6. My apologies for any confusion. I guess that’s what I get for posting while on I-95. I hope you enjoy the real Chapter-V, and Chapter – VI makes a bit more sense. Chapter – V Max and Peter hurried […]

Echos – Chapter VI

Author’s Note: Last week I accidentally mislabeled and mis-posted this chapter. The mistake has been fixed, but If haven’t yet, please go back and read the actual Chapter – V . Chapter – VI Max and Tom quickly made their way from the observation room to the locker room. Looking around, […]

Dance of Shadows: Chapter 39 3

Something awful penetrated the murky darkness. Nate groaned his way back into consciousness.  It came slowly, in inches, and even when his hearing kicked in he couldn’t make much sense of what was said.  Only that people spoke to him, kept speaking to him.  There was something wrong, something in […]