Echos: Prologue – I 7

Author’s note: Hi everybody! New author here taking my first stab at writing fiction. As such, I’m completely open to questions, comments, suggestions, or constructive criticisms. Part of the reason why I’m doing this is to hone my chops as a writer, so feedback is absolutely welcome. Just be nice!  Echos […]

Echos: Prologue – Part II 4

Prologue – Part II Senator Mark Malone was angry. And frightened. And sick with worry. Intellectually he knew that this was not the best frame of mind with which to be dealing with these pissant suits from the DVA, but quite frankly at that moment he just didn’t give a […]

Echos: Prologue – Part III 3

Author’s Note: Questions, comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are welcome as always. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves so far. Prologue – Part III Down in the parking garage, the argument between the senator and the DVA agent suddenly ground to a halt as a sleek muscle car, its engine burbling […]

Echos: Chapter – I 1

Echos: Chaper – I It was move in day across the Sizemore campus, and it was no different for the nascent heroes enrolled in the HCP than it was for any of the freshmen class. Max Hall was still found it difficult to believe that it was all real. Being […]

Echos: Chapter – II 2

Echos: Chapter – II Tom and Max had finished hauling Tom’s belongings six feet across the country, a concept that still made Max’s brain hurt to think about. While it didn’t compare to hefting luggage up 30 stories, even with the aid of an elevator, the effort of helping Tom […]

Echos: Chapter – III 1

Echos: Chapter – III Author’s Note: My apologies for missing a week. Life got in the way, but I won’t make this a habit. And as always, questions, comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are encouraged.  Max managed to survive the evening out with Erik and his parents. There were a couple […]

Echos: Chapter – IV 6

Chapter – IV The freshmen class did as the dean said, but they did so abuzz at what they had just heard. Frustration bubbled over having to maintain a cover identity or their above-ground grades, curiosity about their HCP classes, but mostly they were talking about the impending battles. “What […]

Echos – Chapter V 1

Author’s Note: I accidentally mislabeled (and mis-posted) chapters 5 & 6. My apologies for any confusion. I guess that’s what I get for posting while on I-95. I hope you enjoy the real Chapter-V, and Chapter – VI makes a bit more sense. Chapter – V Max and Peter hurried […]

Echos – Chapter VI

Author’s Note: Last week I accidentally mislabeled and mis-posted this chapter. The mistake has been fixed, but If haven’t yet, please go back and read the actual Chapter – V . Chapter – VI Max and Tom quickly made their way from the observation room to the locker room. Looking around, […]

Echos: Chapter – VII 4

Chapter – VII During Coach Alex’s introduction, Max decided that he was going to take the offensive in this match. He saw Tom defy physics the day before, and who knew what would happen if one of those black orbs hit him. Max certainly wasn’t about to wind up in […]