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Villain University: Chapter 1 2

Chapter 1     Jennifer Lee, the short, petite Asian girl with a purple streak running through her short black hair, had been shocked when the dean of the Sizemore HCP appeared at her home a few weeks ago and offered her a place in the program. He also offered […]

Villain University: Chapter 2

Chapter 2     After the meeting on Friday all those who hadn’t yet gotten theirs had gone to get the Id cards, schedules and books. Since Sam and Jennifer already had theirs they volunteered to get some basic groceries, and since Sam had a fake ID he also offered […]

Villain University: Chapter 3 3

Chapter 3     After the orientation, the seven invited several of the people from the various groups they had been talking to out to lunch at one of the cafeterias.   Five other students agreed to go with them, the boy Jennifer has been talking to, Shawn Cain, two roommates […]

Echos: Chapter – VII 4

Chapter – VII During Coach Alex’s introduction, Max decided that he was going to take the offensive in this match. He saw Tom defy physics the day before, and who knew what would happen if one of those black orbs hit him. Max certainly wasn’t about to wind up in […]