Echos: Chapter – VIII 5

Chapter – VIII After Tom left to head back to the locker room, the match that coach Alex was watching in an adjacent cell ended. The two combatants had stopped their own match after the resounding crash shook their cell. Alex had to get on the address system and remind […]

Echos: Chapter IX 1

Chapter – IX “Gotcha.” And suddenly the world fell away. Max’s stomach felt like it was trying to climb up his throat and out of his mouth. The wind began rushing past his ears as he fell, and he looked around to see that he was somehow falling from the […]

Echos: Chapter – X 3

Chapter – X Max blinked a couple times before he was able to find the screen he, Peter, and Tom had hunkered down in front of to watch Erik’s fight that morning. Before heading over, he turned to Robin “Thanks for helping me up here. My roommates are over there.” […]

Echos: Chapter – XI 1

Chapter – XI Sean was agitated. And frustrated. In fact, those who knew him best, if anyone truly did, would know that inside he was fuming. As he paced around the combat cell, he kept asking himself why that overgrown lummox wouldn’t just surrender. He was laying flat on his […]

Echos: Chapter – XII 4

Chapter – XII Ani-Man was sitting hunched over a bank of computer monitors in the heart of Second City Justice’s headquarters. In his quieter and more introspective moments Anthony Mason wished that he had been just a bit more creative in picking his Hero name. Creativity came part and parcel […]

Echos: Chapter – XIII 2

Chapter – XIII The night after the ranking battles was handled in different ways by the various HCP students. Some nursed injuries not severe enough to require the attentions of the school’s healers. Others nursed bruised egos for which there was no outside panacea. Some stewed in bitterness, some resolved […]

Echos: Chapter – XIV 4

Chapter – XIV When Dean Smith let the class out, some of the brighter students wondered what the next shoe to fall would be. But was the minority of the class, most were just happy to have escaped their first HCP class without having to do any work and only […]

Echos: Chapter – XV 4

Chapter – XV Max slowly opened his eyes, only to have them assaulted by an all too familiar glare. He hurt all over and the last thing he could remember was being in gym class and apparently making up for all the running he had missed out on when he […]

Echos: Chapter – XVI 1

Chapter – XVI A sharp knock at the door broke the uncomfortable morning silence. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable because of anything anyone had said or done. Instead it was uncomfortable because nobody in the common room could get comfortable, and were all trying valiently to not complain about how sore […]

Echos: Chapter – XVII 6

Chapter – XVII “Good morning students!” Dean Smith said brightly as the mass of freshemen made their way into the classroom. There weren’t as many of them as there were Friday morning, but then there never were. The first PE workout resulted in cuts and drop-outs every year without fail. […]