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Villain University: Chapter 23 5

Chapter 23     “Welcome!” Sandy’s mother said, “You must be James,” she said and wrapped him up in a hug which he wasn’t expecting. “And you must be Jennifer,” she said doing the same. “Hi, sweetie,” she said to Sandy coming through the door last giving her a hug […]

Echos: Chapter – XXVI

Chapter – XXVI “Okay, I’ll admit it; I’m glad you guys dragged me out.” Cat said after taking a sip of her drink, some sort of lightly fizzy blue drink that Mike had mixed for her. It was her second one, and after another sip she realized that she never […]

Villain University: Chapter 24 6

Chapter 24       For the next few weeks there was very little slacking. Many people needed, or at least thought they needed to spend time studying and actually found a great tutor in Professor Anderson. She apparently had several advanced degrees and also apparently years of experience (however […]

Villain University: Chapter 25 3

Chapter 25     Sam rushed out the door as soon as it opened and stopped in his tracks a split second later. Sam had been expecting cold metal walls and well lit corridors, like in the obstacle courses. What he got was…something else, it was the Greek labyrinth. The […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 29

“Good morning, Ms. Meyers,” a tall man in a plain black suit walked into the interrogation room at the headquarters of the Orlando Protectorate. “Pleasure to see you again.” “Agent Clark,” Daisy inclined her head toward the DVA representative. “Master of all things pain in my ass,” she added, giving […]

Villain University: Chapter 26 2

Chapter 26     As the test reached the half way point and sphere points doubled, the mood became tenser. Michael and Hope had been able to recruit two more people before they decided that was enough. Ray Bailey, who was average height and build, brown hair, and with a […]