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A Change of Pace – Chapter 31 4

<98…99…100,> Daisy’s abs burned with lactic acid as she slowly lowered herself to the ground. <Now rockies,> she reengaged her core muscles, and focused on her obliques. The gym was nearly empty at this time in the morning, and that’s just how Daisy liked it. When her pseudo-imprisonment started over […]

Echos: Chapter – XXVIII 4

Chapter – XXVIII “The ethics of heroism are intimately tied to the history of heroism” Dean Smith said, standing before the class of young supers. The class was certainly smaller than it had been to start the year. “After all,” he continued “part of knowing where you are is knowing […]

A Change of Pace – Chapter 32 4

Angela anxiously paced back and forth across the common room. <No…no…no, it’s not ready,> she grabbed beer bottles, a pizza box, and other bits of trash as she paced. It was surprising how much had changed since she started at West Private’s HCP, and how much hadn’t. Angela had been […]

Echos: Chapter – XXIX 1

Chapter – XXIX Ani-man was a habitually light sleeper. Anyone who survived four years of the Hero Certification Program, two years of internship, and then life as a Hero on the mean streets of Chicago learned to sleep whenever the opportunity presented itself, fall asleep quickly, and be roused easily. […]

Echos: Chapter – XXX 2

Chapter – XXX “Dispatch, this is Checkmate. Please give me an encrypted patch into the pinned officers radios.” “Done, go ahead Checkmate.” “Officers, this is Checkmate of Second City Justice. We are on the scene and will have you out of here momentarily. Our members are moving into position to […]

Echos: Chapter – XXXI

Chapter – XXXI “Shit! Heroes!” Finder said, his blazing eye staring out of the store windows. That damn kid just had to ring the silent alarm before Keeper was able to lock them both down. He knew the boss sent them after the kid because his senses are good, but […]