A Change of Pace – Class Rankings 5

Freshman Class Rankings

  1. Angela Martin- Angelic shifter
  2. Jason Cook- Advanced Mind (strong telekinetic, weak telepathy)
  3. Erin Fisher- can animate inanimate objects
  4. Alexander Webb- augments muscles and bones into creature with enhanced physical attributes
  5. Teresa Shaw- multispecies shifter
  6. Mason Jackson- super strength and durability
  7. Anika Kemps- designation undeterminable, learns new powers over time
  8. Anna Fletcher- electrokinetic
  9. Kimberly Goodman- blaster who can control the properties of the spheres she creates
  10. Seth Abney- Broad Spectrum Elemental Manipulator
  11. Lorelei Gilford- blaster (eyes), more durable than average
  12. Simon Skylar- creates a 3 foot gravity field around himself
  13. Blank
  14. Casey Williams- super strength and durability (more so durability than strength)
  15. Ashley Bates- lesser advanced mind- bug control
  16. Carson Long- explosive blows. Kinetic and thermal energy release.
  17. Emilia Scarborough- cryokinetic
  18. Oliver Carpenter- technopath
  19. Kyoshi Schultz- Advance Mind (Strong telepath, weak telekinetic
  20. Jacqueline Eaton- aerokinetic
  21. Natalia Romanoff- paralysis with eye contact
  22. Blank
  23. Danny Mason- Duplicator
  24. Blank
  25. Blank
  26. Blake Rhodes- muscle mimic
  27. Richard Gibson- has the ability to alter his size with a corresponding change in strength and durability
  28. Fiona Richardson- teleporter
  29. Rebecca Whitfield- speedster
  30. Blank
  31. Sean Perez- technological brilliant (specializing in biochemistry)
  32. Blank
  33. Blank
  34. Blank
  35. Nathan Flynn- Power Copier
  36. Blank
  37. Blank
  38. Bridgette Evans- enhanced senses (possible greater body control)
  39. Byron Hanover- tar monster shifter
  40. Blank
  41. Blank
  42. Derrick Masters- Healer
  43. Blank
  44. Blank
  45. Blank
  46. Stephanie Jacobsen- throws spheres of light up to twenty feet

The rest of the class will be filled in as they appear.


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5 thoughts on “A Change of Pace – Class Rankings

  • MDS

    I’m glad you added this. With so many new stories, I am personally having problems keeping the characters straight. Drew had a Wiki for his characters, Chad put up a rank list, I put up lists for both my stories, nice to see another. I like that you are not simply giving us a dump of all the info on the list. I am doing the same for Masks adding as time goes on and new chapters reveal more. I hope others start making lists as well.


    • BeamMeUpScotty Post author

      It really is a necessity with stories set in this HCP centered universe. Most classes seem to start with around 50 people, and the main characters are inevitably going to run into their other classmates. It also helps to not have to go digging through past chapters to remember stuff about some of the minor characters. Thanks for the comment, and looking forward to more Darkest Days and Masks We Wear.

  • 007

    Great story so far but last chapter you said Seth Abney was 43rd as he lost his first match but now he’s suddenly 10th? Out of all of them, at least number 21 won’t have much trouble with a hero name…

    • BeamMeUpScotty Post author

      The Class Rankings post is the current rankings from where I am in the story, and I think they were last updated after the semester final around Chapter 57. Sorry if that is making things a little confusing if you’re just starting the story now. So there is a slight spoiler there that Seth gets better 🙂