A Change of Pace – End of Semester Rankings 7

Freshman Class Rankings

  1. Jason Cook- Advanced Mind (strong telekinetic, weak telepathy)
  2. Angela Martin- Angelic shifter
  3. Erin Fisher- can animate inanimate objects
  4. Kimberly Goodman- blaster who can control the properties of the spheres she creates
  5. Mason Jackson- super strength and durability
  6. Teresa Shaw- multispecies shifter
  7. Anna Fletcher- electrokinetic
  8. Alexander Webb- augments muscles and bones into creature with enhanced physical attributes
  9. Anika Kemps- designation undeterminable, learns new powers over time
  10. Seth Abney- Broad Spectrum elemental Manipulator
  11. Lorelei Gilford- blaster (eyes), more durable than average
  12. Simon Skylar- creates a 3 foot gravity field around himself
  13. Liam Garrison- toxic obfuscator (breath) and produces neurotoxin with skin
  14. Casey Williams- super strength and durability (more so durability than strength)
  15. Natalia Romanoff- paralysis with eye contact
  16. Ashley Bates- lesser advanced mind- bug control
  17. Kyoshi Schultz- Advance Mind (Strong telepath, weak telekinetic), Possession
  18. Rebecca Whitfield- speedster
  19. Emilia Scarborough- cryokinetic
  20. Carson Long- explosive blows. Kinetic and thermal energy release.
  21. Oliver Carpenter- technopath
  22. Jacqueline Eaton- aerokinetic
  23. Blank
  24. Blank
  25. Danny Mason- Duplicator
  26. Isaac Mosely-
  27. Blank
  28. Blake Rhodes- muscle mimic
  29. Richard Gibson- has the ability to alter his size with a corresponding change in strength and durability.
  30. Fiona Richardson- teleporter
  31. Blank
  32. Sean Perez- technological brilliant (specializing in biochemistry)
  33. Blank
  34. Blank
  35. Blank
  36. Blank
  37. Blank
  38. Blank
  39. Bridgette Evans- enhanced senses (possible greater body control)
  40. Byron Hanover- tar monster shifter
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7 thoughts on “A Change of Pace – End of Semester Rankings

    • BeamMeUpScotty Post author

      Possibly, I don’t usually think of a side characters ability until I know I’m going to write a new one into the story; which usually is the day of. I’ll keep it in mind though, it would give me possibilities to work with. Thanks for reading.

    • BeamMeUpScotty Post author

      No it was Flynn, Masters, and Jacobsen. The three academic drops were blanks that i took out. Flynn was the power copier injured but Anika, Masters the healer who Angela impaled, and Jacobsen the last ranking student who got betrayed by her “friends”. Danny Mason is the duplicator who can create copies of himself. Kyoshi and Mason have faced him in ranking matches. I see where there might be a little confusion though. I have Danny listed as a duplicator and I think that might have you thinking power duplicator which is Flynn. If I had Danny leave at some other point please let me know. It’s tough to keep track of the specifics of such a large cast.